help me get promoted?!

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  1. well ive been working with this company for 2 years now, and have spent the past 10 months
    "up for evaluation/promotion". Everyone of my co-workers agree that i deserve to be promoted, so do most managers (my general manager is against it lol) but my District opperations has come to watch my performance several times and about 2 months ago she told me she was going to promote me and now 2 months later she says she wants to, BUT "is afraid co-workers would take advantage of me because im a nice guy." so basicly
    shes stalling on or might not even intend to promote me... how can i change this? i am definetly the only person in my store that deserves it and would love the opportunity for advancement, (and to prove her wrong lol)... anything you guys can think of for me to say or do? idk just kinda venting but help would be appreciated lol :cool:
  2. Ummm

    Just go up to her and say what you said to us. You feel you deserve it and why.

    If showing a little backbone is the reason she's hesitant to promote you, time to confront that head on and show her you can be assertive, and that you deserve that promotion above anyone else.

    Best of luck.. hope you get it.
  3. This. Plus ask her for concrete feedback on what you could do to improve your performance and be the ideal candidate for a promotion. Then write it down and then do it.

    Then totally sexually harass all your new subordinates (not just the females. Don't be sexist).

    But I might be wrong on the last part.

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