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Help me get more enjoyment out of my piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DelDavisTrees, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. It's name is Merlin... he was hand picked by the head shoppe guy when I asked for the best bubbler he had. Told me, "You're REALLY going to enjoy this"... and holy hell was he right.
    Just a few concerns. The bowl is HUGE. Huge as in my thumb fits in it just past the first knuckle. Maybe not huge by some of your standards as this is my first and only bubbler but everybody I've shared it with has said its the biggest they've seen, lol. Anyways, I'm havin problems, mainly when smokin up other people, about ashing and the frequency and intensity of ashy hits. I always try to corner it, I really do, but some people cant comprehend my explanation and torch the whole damn thing and draw so hard that the contents of the bowl just all light up. Any tips on avoiding the unpleasant ash or any other tips? Also, the water level... fill it up till the point where it JUST stops sucking through or much less? Usually I go with more water for smoother smaller hits but dont know if thats how it works.
  2. ash like.. go in your mouth? dont understand the question.

    and ive always heard to fill it up as little as possible, the little bit of water you add shouldnt make the hit any smoother, it might make it harder to hit seeming like its smoother, but your really just getting less smoke
  3. Sorry.... by 'ashy' I mean that the taste is indicative of it being beat when its far from it due to the top layer getting torched more often than not. I try to blow the side of it but damn thats hard to do when you're not high and usually the embers blow right out of it. I'm thinking smaller bowls... but then again the size of the thing would allow almost the entire quantity of a smaller bowl to burn out extremely fast.
  4. the problem you are most likely have is due to the bowl being large. Donkey bowls or party bowls have phat holes in the bottom because they are made for smoking lots of herb. If it's just you and a friend sharing a quick hit then no matter how little you light it, your pot will still get sucked through.

    Go to your head shop and ask for a glass star, glass filter, glass screen, there's a ton of names for it. it's basically a small glass piece that you drop in the center of your bowl that allows you to smoke smaller amounts and loose shakey weed.

    hope that helps someone
  5. have you tried crushing the ash down with your lighter? i dont know if this would eliminite the taste(doubt it) but its worth a try.

    if your smoking for the taste, pack small bowls. in large groups i seriously doubt anyway gives two shits what it tastes like.
  6. As far as the water level goes, you want to just barely submerge the bottom of the downstem. Maybe about 1 cm above or so.

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