Help me get a new bong!

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy myself a little early Christmas present. I have had a number of bongs but the problem with the ones I buy from a my local shop is they tend to be very thin and that doesn't really work for me. On of them my friend put it down on the table and i guess he put it down a little hard and managed to poke a hole in the bottom because the glass was like a mm thick. I fixed it but it just isnt the same and I decided a want a bong without a perc. So Im looking for a good quality strait thick glass bong. I have looked through a bit but I dont really know what brands are better than others? On this site or maybe some other online shop? Looking to spend $100 to $150, maybe a bit more.
  2. solid straight shot man, 7mm at least. bought at any lhs

    drop an alex k downstem in that bitch. may be a bit harder to find, but many online sources

    smoke like a king.
  3. Check out the grasscity store.
    Lots nifty things there.
    But, yea you have enough for a nice quality bong if you know what you're buying.
  4. I like the glasscity bubblicious bong, 7mm sounds nice.
  5. a thick HVY tube, they are pretty reasonably priced. then get an alex k downstem and a DD bowl and you will have a killer set up

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