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Help me get a license in Michigan.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by RecentlyScrewed, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. ok, so i am looking to get a medical marijuana license. I went to my doctor multiple times for my back problem (scoliosis), but in the lobby there is a sign that says we don't give medical marijuana consents or cards(probably because my city is so republican). Anyway I was hoping someone could help me out and give me a place I could go to see a physician that would approve of me getting a card. Thanks
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    :devious: I know how frustrating it is to have a doctor that refuses to even HELP with a permit, much less be the one to put his name on it. Doctors are getting so freaking paranoid about drugs in general, mine won't write it in my records that I'm using MM, or even utter the word "marijuana" He refers to it as my "use of alternative herbal remedies for pain control" :confused: (as if anyone reading that wouldn't figure it out anyway?)

    Lucky for us, there are places out there that will help you find a doctor (or this case, a clinic that specializes in MM permits only) to get you what you need, assuming you have a qualifying condition. I go through the same clinic in WA state, and they're great. Don't be worried if scoliosis isn't listed as a qualifying condition, you can still qualify as having intractible or chronic back pain. (back pain is SOO much fun, welcome to the club you never asked to join, huh? ;) )

    ***sorry, had to edit this, I put in the wrong url the first time... this is the one you want:

    BTW...I used to live in Oscoda, where are you in MI?
  3. that clinic seems kinda anal. Can i just walk in with an x ray of my back and my doctors info on myself?

    i live in bay city btw
  4. Here's a link to the foundation itself instead of just the Michigan Marijuana Association's page. THCF really aren't anal at all, but I'm going by what I've experienced with my clinic here in WA. However, if they have the same standards (and I'm assuming they do as they're all listed on the site together) it's not that hard to get one once they've determined you have a qualifying condition.

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    You can't just walk in off the streets and see them, just like going to a regular doctor, you have to make an appointment. There will be paperwork to fill out, and they'll probably make you watch a video about how to protect yourself as a MM patient, since the Feds have different laws than the states do. I think it's $200 for a permit here, but if you qualify for low income status, (such as being on SS Disability) they lower it to $150.

    You will need doctors notes or records of at least 2-3 appointments with another physician, (your GP, pain specialist, neurologist, surgeon, etc) and sometimes they may ask for any relevant scans, depending on how recent. Other than that, I've only had to bring my Driver's License, proof of my SS Disability status, and that's it. I think when I got my FIRST permit, I also had to bring my SS card and/or certified copy of my birth certificate.

    Seeing as how you have to give them a call to make an appointment anyway, your best bet is to ask them when you call. They're generally very helpful and can answer an questions you have.

    Hope this helps! :wave:
  5. Thanks a ton angel304, but one more question, i have recently heard that when you get a MM card, they take away your drivers license because they can't really regulate if you smoke and drive. Is this true?

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