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    my mom seems to be sick all the time..she used to smoke for like 25-30 years but shes quit for i think 3 years now..she went through the whole asthma faze,and this might sound dumb..but could she be getting sick from Not smoking? she drinks everynight like 2-3 beers,and my aunt the "doctor" of the family(knows every rash,disorder,sickness and whatnot" but my aunt seems to think its lupus..i looked it up and she has like 1-2 symptoms so its not that..she used to have seizures alot..but she says she has a huge head ache that wont go away,shes been laying in bed for the past 2 days and only gets up to get a drink,no food..but it really seems like every other week shes is going on? starting to freak me out:(

    Edit: my aunt also thinks she needs a new bed,sheets everything..she things the bed is all "buggy" its hard to describe.. but she thinks the bed is old and has like microscopic bugs in it that eat all the fallen skin nah mean? hope so..but her bed is less than 2 years old,I bought her new sheets like last month..oh and shes also um like 48-49-50 years of those ha dunno which

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