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  1. Alright so about a year ago I got this pretty cool water pipe. It came with this amazing bowl though. Obviously I bonded with the bowl, Franky. Anyway I drop Franky one day and he breaks. But he broke right at the stem of the bowl, where it slides in and out of the pipe. It was a pretty even break so just the top is left and the bowl is still functional. Except for you can't use it for anything, due to the broken stem. Soooooo for those of you still reading, I need an idea for making a safe, nontoxic, no melting, no smelling, not ghetto-as-hell-ugly either. I've thought long and hard. I've offered rewards to all my friends. I'm on my last leg homies, please help!
    (Sorry I can't get a picture right now because it's at a buddy's place)
  2. Probably need a picture but sounds like you can just buy a new bowl maybe? But you can try to get it fixed my a glass blower.

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  3. Franky is dead. Buy a new bowl. 
  4. you could have some one who works with glass fix it but that would cost a ton of money and they would probably say no better option is goto the head shop and buy a bowl that looks like you could also have some one make a custom bowl for you that looks the same but again that would cost a ton of money
  5. I'll take a picture soon as I get it, should be today maybe. And I have bought a new bowl, I just want to bring Freddy back from the dead . It's probably hopeless but thanks so much for your guys input
  6. Franky or Freddy? Make up your mind man
  7. It's both
  8. His bowl had split personality disorder.
  9. Franky is only a name worthy of an intact piece. Freddy is for the broken piece. He is going through some rough times at the moment.
  10. wait so you broke the bowl and not any part of the bong?  I've got an idea to make a wood pipe out of it.  

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