Help me fix dark bho wax

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  1. Need help cleaning 14 grams of dark wax, I assume it's BHO as I see rainbow streaks in it when I melt it. I have tried to cook off the butane from 1gram in a toaster oven outside, as well as a 12 hour boiling water bath for a separate gram with no success. It still pops and sizzles on the nail and near a flame. My last thought would be to try and winterize with Everclear, but it may be too late for that. Any tips on how to make this stuff smokable would be much appreciated. I can post pictures of anything that could help.
  2. Stop posting the same thread over and over bruh
  3. Thanks for the help man, very useful information!
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  4. I have no idea how to make your dabs better I don't buy them lol I've made my own before and it turned out some shitty black Colour

  5. its a very easy process just takes time how pure do you want it? first dissolve in everclear next set up filter coffee filter than fill with active charcoal pour thru the filter many times distal than check color tars and waxes should had been removed you can go many step past this to get pure thc

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