help me finesse this piece of ass

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  1. So my manager has been trying to fuck me since she started working here. She used to tell me she was having problems with her husband, but I never wanted to do it. Well today she comes in talking about her husband left her. I accidently started laughing cuz I was high as shit.

    But anyway. She's been throwing hints all day. I think I might go thru with it now.

    Might try to get some head in thw office tonight while she counts out my drawer. How should I go about it?
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  2. They like it when you just whip it out.
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  3. I would tread carefully in the work place but you could just say something very flirtatious wise. She will get the hint I'm sure and make the first move. B)
  4. Tell her you have her 'raise' in your pants.
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  5. if youre in, youre in.
    dont think. just do.
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  6. I'M IN
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    Needs an update, don't forget tha deetz.
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  8. Get butt naked and sprawl out across her desk so you can surprise her as soon as she walks in the office.  Make sure you have a boner first.
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  9. OP's online.
    What happened mang
  10. Ask her what she's doing after work. Go do something together. Dont fuck it up.
  11. Tell her you need some material for grasscity. Let her know nobody will believe you without pics. Tell her you can make her butthole famous :LAUghing:
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  12. Did you fuck her right in the pussy op?

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  13. pound the dogshit out of it and make her mouth
  14. They like it when you just whip it out.

    Something tells me op took your advice and got fired haha

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  15. yea don't listen to these idiots, and get a sexual harassment charge. Tell her she looks good, flirt with her, etc. be like does your husband pleasure you well I'm good at that I've heard etc. dumb shit like that.
    dont listen to these idiots?
    "does your husband pleasure you well I'm good at that I've heard" 
    lmao because this is real good advice ahahaha
    OP if your asking for advice on how to smash that ass its very unlikely its going to happen.. if your getting that hint dont be scared to whip it out!
  17. it was a joke, i was being sarcastic, and you can get sued like that so its not smart at all...
    because if she's not down and you could be misreading signs, i would flirt with her and ask her to hangout outside of work or tell her to meet her somewhere for dinner to talk about "work". and the no update I'm judging this guy got fucked. not literally.
  18. I wonder what happened. Maybe he is tied up in her sex dungeon
  19. lol
    i like how thats the best case scenario here
  20. I want to know what happened haha

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