help me find good soil!_!

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  1. Alright so I just moved to Iowa from cali( I know dumb right) anyways they don't have hydro stores here. There's one nursery but the charge an arm.and a leg for organic soil. My question is, can I find good soil at home depot or Lowe's or something. I'm gonna be starting 6plants in 7 gallon buckets so I need plenty of soil. Please some.advice thanks
  2. Not sure what the laws are there so be careful first off
    What are the choices that you have in your new prison lol nah man it is what it is

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  3. Ya it sucks going state to not one. But trust I am.careful
  4. Where can I get good soil
  5. I would go Home Depot and get the most plain soil they have that's going to be tuff because your average shopper wants soil with all that bs in it so they don't have to do any thing with there tulips or a nursery like you said and if they have soil and sell perilite to add and order some other things worm casting and bat Guano and just make it your self

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  6. Thanks for the tip bro

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