Help me find an excuse to buy a scale

Discussion in 'General' started by naughtyneighbor, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. I want to buy a scale off ebay, and I have my own paypal account with enough funds, so I just need a simple explanation I can give my parents for the reason of buying one and it coming in a package to my house.

    Thanks in advance guys,

    (BTW, I was thinking of getting this scale model If you reccomend any other, or anything smaller that fits better in your pocket, please say)
  2. If you have paypal credit, then just buy it and it wont show up on a credit card.

    Do they open all packages even if it's under your name?
  3. just tell them it's for school.

    if you aren't in school then tell them it's for weed. they'll understand!
  4. yeah i'm not worrying about the statement. I just want a simple explanation to tell them why I need it. Plus I'll probably just leave it lying around.

    They won't open the package, but they'll wonder what's in it.

    EDIT: And oh yeah, do you think it's a good idea to go to school and use one of their weights to calibrate it once, or should I buy one to always use to make sure.
  5. just use one at school if you need to. my scale came calibrated...
  6. Alright, well I found the same scale that comes with a 300g calibration weight for just a few dollars more, so I'll go with that.

    Any suggestions on the scale before I buy it? The My Weigh Triton T2

    Also, still need an excuse :x
  7. Just say you felt that you need one to weigh random things.

    Are you about to sell something? Weigh it...heh
    Ask if they might need something weighed.

    Weigh your pets.
  8. Bodom, thanks for those, but I don't have a pet :p

    Here is the one I want to go with: For the rest of my school career, I will need a scale because the one the schools provide aren't enough for the entire class, so instead of waiting I can just use mine.
  9. collect a bunch of acorns from the back and say you have some sort of obsession with weighing every one that falls into your yard.
  10. this is what you do, you dont tell them at all, but if they find it and ask you what its for just take the glasses offyour dad or mom (if they wear any) and e like "havent you always wondered what you glasses weigh?" well look they weigh.... just be random about it, that would work for me but i guess thats why they call me "random brandon" oh well. Its not that big of a deal, but your excuse is good, if you have pockets on ur backback that you can see the contents from the outside then put it there so they know your taking it to school.

  11. If they aren't going to open it then you can just lie and say it's something else...
  12. yea dont tell them you just bought a scale man are you serious? if they have any idea about things like that theyll think you are dealing and make it worse.are you in hs or college? if hs i dunno, but college and they really must know, say you need it to weigh things for some micro orgo ergo aggro chemistry. i say dont tell em about it though
  13. "Because I'm 18." If it's your paypal account, your parent's won't know shit unless they open your package. If they ask about the package and its contents, you could say any number of things: "My new dildo: Anal Ecstacy." "I don't know, I didn't order anything." "New subs for my truck.". Hell, you could just track the order, so you can answer the door to the UPS guy.
  14. Well, I order things to my parents house all the time, they don't ask. But if you hunt, tell them it's to weigh out arrow tips in grains so they fly level.

  15. Yaya! best answer. +rep
  16. does it say on the outside of the package what it is?
  17. Why don't you just say that you're going to sell stuff on eBay and you need the scales for the shipping?
  18. Ehh Rummy, your about 3 monthes too late ;).

  19. LOL! And I always laugh when people respond seriously to old threads. :p

    Thanks, Aimed!!!! :)

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