Help me find a spot.

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  1. I'm looking for an experienced outdoor grower to help me find a spot. I'll PM you my location, and you can use Google Maps to look at the terrain.

    There are more than enough clearings and open spaces, I just don't know exactly what to look for.
  2. You want someone to find you a grow spot through google maps?
    All you have to do is take a walk through some prospective areas. Your plants need lots of sunlight, that's the main thing besides security.
  3. If you have any pine trees around you they are good to plant by in a container, they help redirect the heat signature.  But you need to make sure you have plenty of light that can reach the plant.  Make sure the wild life in your area is also not able to get to them.  Deer love them.  And don't plant a ton of them in the same area space them out. 
    I'm not planning on having any more than 5 plants in each spot.

    I want to grow a total of 20.
    I'm considering growing on the property of an old abandoned store. The parking lot is half submerged in water, so nobody risks driving around out there anymore. The building was build over a swamp (geniuses...), and it has this back corner that's completely concealed from the road. Very little wild life around it. Maybe squirrels and birds, but nothing bigger than that.

    And the best part: the place smells nasty. It'd over power the smell of the plants. So unless the police literally got out of their car and walked behind the building to the back corner, they wouldn't find them.
    Pine trees are everywhere in Canada. They're not a rare sight haha. I've got pine trees in my yard.
  6. you have to watch out about the ones flying over them
  7. Right now here in North Carolina they have started to use the damn drones from the military here.  They fly over looking for weed in the woods around here!!!
  8. The fact that the store is so close to the center of town makes it pretty safe in terms of fly by's lol. The helicopters focus more on the clearings in the woods and the hills. It's literally about 100 yards away from the edge of town.
  9. Then sounds like a good place.  Just make sure you don't get to much water.  Good luck growing.
  10. Also make sure its by a stream I dont think anyone mentioned that if your going to be growing in the woods a bit that you dont want to create a path to uour grow site as humans tend to follow trails out of curiousity

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    I'm not planning on going into the woods. Everyone and their dogs go into the woods. And I run the risk of running into other growers out there. Unlike me, they're usually not friendly and are sometimes armed.

    I generally hide my crop in plain sight. It's worked well so far, with the exception of last summer. My plants were picked clean.
  12. you don't think other kids/crack heads go back there?

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