Help me find a pet to bro out with

Discussion in 'Pets' started by liquic1ty, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for a pet that I can just smoke weed and hang out with at home after work and stuff. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Depends on how much responsibility you're looking to pick up. Some pets have virtually none, while other require constant attention and a lot of responsibility.
  3. Can you ever actually "hang out" with any (household) pet other than a dog?

    Imagine Wilfred as an Iguana? Me neither.

    I say dog, but I'm biased as I have 2 dogs and hate my Fiancés cat.
  4. Dog

    Or rat
  5. Well i know chamelions just like to hang out and like hang on your hair and stuff so I think I might get a chamelion
  6. You thought finding your lighter was a bitch while high?

    Try keeping track of this

  7. Depends at what you mean by hanging out. If you want something that will just sit there then get the Iguana. If you want true devotion get a dog.
  8. Stick bug
  9. a dog is a good companion for smoking with because they have evident personalities but come with responsibilities. cats and easier to take care of but depending on the cat, they are tipically less of a companion than dogs. sti good animals though
  10. This is my barking tree frog. :D He's my chill little buddy lol. Sits on my shoulder, and climbs underneath my hair when I'm smoking lol. When he croaks, it sounds like a dog barking ha. He's very loud. :laughing:

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  11. get either a dog or cat.. dont get an iguana or anything.
  12. lmfao a tree frog xD

  13. rats constantly pee all the time so you get rat piss all over your furniture clothes and skin ... id recommend a dog .

  14. It's cool if you are the one smoking (none to the pet). Get a dog. :smoke:
  15. Dog or turtle
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    He's Been my best friend for 7 years now.


    I'd obviously recommend a dog. Go to the shelter and get whatever one they are about to put down. That's how I got him^
  17. despite what other people have said, cats make great companions. if you give them lots of love they'll return it in full. my boy always loves to hang out with me and always comforts me when i need it. cats are great if you don't want a lot of responsibility or don't have a ton of money.

    that said, i am yearning hard core for a dog!

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