Help me figure out what this is for

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  1. [​IMG]

    Picked up this thing today, can't figure out what the slitted diffuser is for up top? There's a drain-hole at the base of the uppermost chamber, so water immediately drains into the capsule percolator right below it.

    Any ideas? Just there to break up smoke?
  2. No idea but it's pretty :)
  3. It's a splash guard. There to protect your face from getting splashed with bong water. :smoking:
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    That makes total sense, and seems ingenious.

    Thank you!

    [edit] After "testing" the splash guard, its a totly effective design and setup. just in case you guys have never seen or heard of these pieces, Bent Glassworks makes a CHEAP solid lineup. Got this with a multitube diffused downstem and linch bowl for 125

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