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Help me figure out what strain this is(with pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by daftie420, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Help me determine my strain. this picture I'm sure is Sativa but I'm not sure what kind [​IMG]
    This is another nug along with the last one the one above is the further back one and looks like a different strain of sativa
    and this last picture is those two above in one bag and the rest of my weed which is a mix of low-mids to mid-highs
    it's also upside down whoops
  2. Before anybody makes an annoying comment about some random stupid fucking name, don't do it... It's not funny anymore. Just help the guy out for a change and let him know there's not really any way to identify your bud. You can make guesses, but you'll never really know unless it's a unique looking/smelling strain such as Sour Diesel. It looks likes some good bud man. Don't worry about the name. Just enjoy it.
  3. Does it matter? Like they said above, its slim that someone will give you the right answer. Its too hard to tell. We'd need professional experienced like eff growers and high def photos. And even then they could still be wrong.
    Smoke it and tell us what you like about it. We can then suggest you other strains that give similar smells, tastes and effects. I mean thats usually why someone asks the name right? So they can ask for it again. Coz if you hated it, who wants to hear about it
  4. Like the above comments, you may never know, but enjoy it anyway man! Tree is Tree, let it be.
  5. It's the dank strain, need you know more?
  6. theres no way to identify it unless you know the grower. you cannot tell by smell, and most deffanitley cant tell on looks alone. im tired of noobs making this thread 3x daily.
  7. No one will know but it looks similar to some green crack I had just not trimmed to well
  8. I'm a pro at this. I can tell you, without a doubt, it's cannabis.
  9. It's the strain of marijuana that is better than what comes from mexico, gets you high and lets you fly.

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