Help me figure out ventilation

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hayden2970, May 30, 2019.

  1. I have a closet grow. 2 led lights. A cob light getting hotter than I'd like. I have an ac going in my room but doesnt penetrate my fabric door i use over closet. I work 12 hrs days or more and I cant always be around to open up door . I'd leave it undone in morning but like I said I work long days and I'm in flower. So I need a some good ideas thatll work with this door . Like I'll cut it and stuff i just need good ideas 20190529_204438.jpg

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  2. I grow in closet. That's just the way it is in summer. Cut down to one light until autumn. Only thing that helps is a/c. I would say for me, my closet runs about 4 degrees hotter than ambient. So if 84f is my upper limit I need 78f ambient. With one light and the door cracked I can cut the ambient to closet down to about 2 degrees. I have a 4 inch carbon filter fan and 3 little zippi fans. I have tried about every configuration you can imagine. Blowing cold air in seems to beat exhausting hot air out. But really, you are looking at a whole summer of defeat unless you throw in the summer towel and cut back. One happy plant makes one happy grower. Many heat stressed plants makes grower need more pot. You can double up in winter.

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