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Help Me Figure My Life Out Please

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herberus59, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. I currently have a job at a prison where they have random drug tests and I have somehow made it two years without getting popped with one while some get the piss test every time.

    I know I'm bound to get it eventually and with that said I'm quitting my job in December. And I'm moving to a new state. There my bro can get me on at Lowes Distribution. Does anyone know for certain how they test and how often?

    Or maybe some good jobs that pay at least 1500 or more per month that don't test?

    I have an electrical(1 year) and security(2 years) background.

    I'll be doing electrical on the side as an apprentice until I get my journeyman's. Then I'll do it full time. I just have to wait about 3 more years.

    Any help would be appreciated fellow tokers.
  2. You can work for Un-lisecned contractors. You can find them listed on craig's list. Security jobs in Cali require piss tests. Good luck!!
  3. Thanks man. But my bro is a master electrician and I can work for him. But he doesn't always have a job each week. So I'll work for him part time.

    I just need a stable source of income to pay for my bills.

    Also, what about bouncers. Do they require piss tests? I worked at a max 5 prison and I'm a pretty big dude. I prolly would be best suited for this.

    Damn, I'm stressing. Lol
  4. Lowes for store positions and distribution center positions do a mouth swab test.
  5. Gawd dayum fuck that shit hardcore.

    I know what job I'm not applying for now. Thanks man a lot!!!
    Anyone know of any distribution centers that don't test?
  6. give up everything and be a buddhist monk
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    to be honest dude, ive figured that fake piss is the way to go. Now I know it may not always be feasible to carry around fake piss with you... but I manage it. and all you need is maybe 20-30 minutes for it to heat up with the heating pad.
    synthetic urine has never failed me unless it wasn't the right temperature. As long as you are in the correct range of temperature.. they wont send it off for lab analysis. To expensive. everyone uses the dip tests... and if it seems shady or isnt the right temperature then they do the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry which is a much harder test to pass
    Initial drug tests are a breeze with fake piss... randum UAs are definitely more nerve racking but can be done as well.... and its a real hoot to look your supervisor in the face and say "yeah im ready for this test!!"
  8. Thanks man but I just got really great news. My bro said he will hire me full time. His work crew was stealing from him so he had to fire all of them.

    Life seems to work out for the simple stoner.

    Thanks for the help guys!!!
  9. Bruh!!!! Even better news!!! I took a 4 hour class online and I can get my journeyman's in April. By law I have to get payed at least 15 bucks an hour.

    Dude!!!! I feel like I have fulfilled my life now. Everything just worked out perfect!!!!!!!

    And to celebrate... This holloween all my friends are throwing me a going away party. I'm getting an ounce and blazing with my nigga.

    It's crazy how things go from looking bleak to be amazing.
  10. I'm pretty sure lowe's distribution centers randomly drug tests their employees fairly often ,well at least the one located here in NW Georgia does.
  11. Mabey have someone spit in a bag for you?
  12. Bro mouth swabs detect max 72 hours max!! And you can pass it with peroxide rinse in your mouth. I'm on Parol, but I don't bother smoking I haven't smoked since October last year. I smoke that k2 shit once n while
  13. Swab tests are simple to pass. .

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  14. That's what up. I appreciate the advice.

    I will def keep this in mind for the future.
  15. You can make some extra few bucks with cashcrate the website.  You can go on craigslist find shit free or cheap and sell higher.  And I got into pouring concrete, make about $12.00 an hour work about 12 hour days it's hard work but you make good money.
  16. Just for future reference I've never taken one but I'm pretty sure mouth swabs are a complete joke.
  17. I've never even heard of mouth swabs until I did research for this job. Ehh, from what I hear legalization is coming in strong next year. *crosses fingers*

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