Help Me Expose A Liar

Discussion in 'General' started by KmKdank420, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. My friend claims to have gotten a strand of bud called "T4" and claims that it is CIA weed that "leaked out" to the people and his friend got an eighth of it. I think he is bullshitting because he claims a lot of things that are seemingly untrue, but I can not be posotive, I just want to know if he is bullshitting about this for sure, or if I am mistaken. So just tell me if you have ever heard of a strand called "T4"
  2. bro are you 12 years old? :smoking:
  3. I'm not 12, and I didn't say I believed him, that's why I asked, because I was pretty sure it was a lie, but I wanted to be sure. This kid lies a lot, so I can never tell when he is telling the truth or not. It would be rude to not thank you so thanks, :smoking
  4. There's a strain called G13 that was supposively a strain produced by the government to use on medical marijuana patients. But many people think its just a stoner urban legend.

    You can purchase lots of G13 hybrid seeds. People aren't really sure if anyone has a straight up G13 plant right now, or seeds of it, but if they are they're being quiet.
  5. its bs dont trust him

    ditch his asss and steal his weed
  6. t4? sounds like an internet connection type thing or maybe one of those new razors
  7. T1 and T2 are types of internet connections. They used to be considered the "backbone of the internet" but then new technologies arose (ie OC-46) that blow T1 and T2 out fo the water

    mmmm 40GB/sec downloads.

    as for this kid, just kick him in the dick until he admits that he's lying....And then steal his weed.
  8. Its the next Terminator movie. A deadly killing machine sent back to the middle ages to wipe out all of humanity and....
  9. I say give him the opportunity to come clean, and if he continues to lie like a dipshit, you run at him wielding a knife. Don't kill him or anythng; just scare the shit out of him. Maybe draw some blood here and there.

  10. thats fucking crazy... so i agree with Sensi

  11. yeah i got cox also....

    40gb per second.....jesus what has this world come to.

    and i agree with whoever brought up terminator... i think the bud might melt and form together to form a robot from the future, and smokes you out......

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