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  1. [ame=]Joe Rogan- The Stoned Ape Theory - YouTube[/ame]

    Terence McKenna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    so like if 100 monkeys pick up somthing and idea or trait
    then all monkeys pick it up.

    so metaphysicly saying we create our world

    what if some force new this and planted certain ideas early on
    thus creating the world we live in.

    any one get it>
  2. I think the 100 monkey analogy is saying that because we're all connected, when an idea becomes prevalent enough it becomes something that can effect everyone.

  3. yeah so
    if someone implants prevelent ideas
    they can become true with out us knowing???
  4. You're suggesting that untrue ideas can be sneaked in? In the same way that subliminal messages can be used to advertise products? It would depend a lot on who you are of course, but it could happen.

    Thing is, you have ideas all the time. What matters is what you do with them not where they originate from. Whether you simply react and follow what comes up or stand back and reflect without attachment, must depend very much on you and your level of conscious awareness.

  5. I interpret Mr. McKenna's theory differently. He states that during man's diet change, he picked up some psilocybin mushrooms. These led to the birth of spirituality and artistic creativity, and also allowed for better methods of hunting (increased visual acuity).

    I need to brush up on it, but as I remember, that was the gist of it.
  6. That's definitely something he alludes to, and it seems quite reasonable to me, but I don't think the 100 monkeys thing refers to this.
  7. Is the 100 monkeys thing in the Joe Rogan video? I didn't watch it, but I will tomorrow- or later today I guess.

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