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Help me!!! Eat something and send me vibes!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. Dear god, I'm going to go nuts. NUTS!!! UGH! I can't eat anything. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich today and that was way earlier. That's it. I only really ate the middle of it, too. The edges were too done. :(

    Now, I got high and got the damn munchies and can't do anything about it.

    I'm going to have these tests at the doc's office tomorrow and I'm supposed to be fasting, as he calls it. No food, he said. I'm probably not even supposed to drink water. GRRRRR! I rarely get the munchies but because I'm starving and have orders not to eat they f'ing hit me like a friggen' freight train.

    Will someone please eat something and send me some super satisfaction vibes. I'm going to crawl out of my skin. Maybe I should just try to go to bed. Blah!
  2. I'll eat somethin for you rumjil! I'm about to bake anyway...and I'll probably make nachos because that's my girlfriends favorite food... have a good night if you can, and eat a lot after the tests!! So I'm sending all my super satisfaction vibes to you now...
  3. i'll eat somethin for you....
    i got a brownie, a twix bar, a bowl of honey nut cheerios, sharks fruitsnacks, and a coke. gotta love it.
  4. Oh wow, I love you guys. Just knowing you're going to do it makes it better. :D Thanks!!!!

    Mmmm....nachos, brownies, and a Twix Bar. Tasty!!!!
  5. I am eating some veggie snacks.. Maybe that will help you some..

    Good luck with the test tommorrow..

    I'll send you some good test result karma!
  6. good old aussie pizza. extra ham ,cheese, egg and mushrooms.,

    I'll send you some good test result karma too :smoking:
  7. Califonria Pizza Kitcehn... ..2 steaks ..with a1 ;)....... ..some Ben & Jerry's "Cherry Garcia" ....and some sprite... :p...
  8. It's over. Now that I can eat, I don't want to. I feel icky.

    They worked me over today. I'll share my trauma...girls will understand some of this a bit more than you guys. Pelvic exam, pap smear, breasts exam and ultrasound. 6 knee x-rays...actually nine since she screwed 3 up. 4 (BIG) vials of blood for various tests (and I'm a hard stick), including my normal HIV test I get every 6 months (which everyone who has sex should get) and a urine sample. UGH!

    I really do appreciate you all eating for me.:) Bud Head ate veggie snacks. :rolleyes: Silly man, munchies call for yummy unhealthy food!!!!! :D
  9. wow girl, they really did a job on you! I didnt know I was suppose to be eating for you, but ill dedicate that homemade bruschetta (fressh jersey tomatoes! fresh garden basil! fresh mozzzzzzeralla! and homemade vingarette! :D) to the cause! :D

  10. Looks like you got the girls physiacal and a little more with the knee and a couple extras....

    Should I get a HIV test having sex with the wife?? Not a bad Idea knowing how she was at one time..

    I have to eat veggies for snacks these days... Brocoli, carrots, pickles okra, cucumbers, and tomatos.. Doctors orders. She just won't let me live till I die.. She has to make me suffer till no end!!! LOL

    I hope all turns out great rummy.. I already know all of it will except the knee.. You need a cortizone {sp} shot every 3 months for a year... Then see what happens... I love them shots.. Hurts when you get one, then you can move on with out alot of pain!
  11. i'm high as a kite. i'm gunna go eat something, look for satisfaction good vibes in a sec.
  12. I munched out on two BBQ chicken wraps i made myself. soft flatbread, chicken strips i cut myself, and loads of BBQ sauce. that and tortelini on a plate. so good. :D wish you were here RMJL ;)
  13. I'm high again and didn't get the munchies until I came back to this thread. :p

    Hey, Sensi...I was upside down in this weird chair thing for the deal. It was like something from an amusement park. She had this powered chair that went up and then it tilted back until my head was towards the floor. I was like "WHOA!" It was very strange. I'm not used to that. I'm used to the normal way of just being on a table.

    I'm giving out too much info but I don't care. You're all stoned anyway! :D

    LOL! So am I!

    Bud Head...yes. Everyone who has sex should get the test done. You can't trust that the person you're with doesn't have it. They may be HIV infected and not know it.

    I'm not promiscuous and am quite picky about who I have sex with but I still get tested. HIV/AIDS....that's some scary shit. I had a friend die from it and another kill herself because she had it. If you have sex, you're at risk.

    Ok...wait....this is a friggen' food thread, isn't it? I want some Mexican food...not Taco Bell Mexican, real Mexican. And a fat ass margarita!!!
  14. I went to Chevy's with my girlfriend today baked outa my mind! We had fajitas, they were so damn good! and the torillas...fresh baked! just like me! I'm not old enough to drink yet, otherwise I probably would have gotten a margarita...damn
  15. Go to a corner taco shop and get a carne asada burrito with extra cilantro. That's the best for the munchies.

  16. Wasted away again in margaritaville! Just poped in my mind!

    What if it was with yourself?? Still need to be tested?

    I get the whole run down ever 6 months when I do my normal dr's visit..

    Real mexican food eh? El Charos is good... I can't think of the others right now..
  17. Just finished up a nice slice of breakfast pizza, if you were here Jilly I would have shared it with you. ;) Sounds like the doctor worked you over pretty good! Hoping that your results are good ones my friend.
  18. Gosh now im hungry. I just have some mac & cheese in the fridge to reheat though. Ug.... Frikkin doctors

    what i would give for a bunch of mini tacos about now. :)

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