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Discussion in 'General' started by turboken, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. hey guys (im origionally from NY, so no I don't really mean just guys), i was wondering about mushrooms. I have heard that you have to eat them, then puke after a few hours to get off. I have never gotten off good, nor have i ever puked on shrooms. the most I have ever eaten is 3.5 grams, and it was an OK feeling. I want to TRIP. Any pointers?
  2. i tripped on shrooms and i never puked. i tripped really hard. i had never heard that you're supposed to puke??? wierd...
  3. well they may make your stomach upset for sure. I remember one time a friend and me got a batch and fought for the bathroom for a while, but no throwing up. as far as eating them..people have different ways to mask the taste of them..being in college and not having any money for food, (only the essentials, you see) we choked them down with ruffles chips and a lil peanut butter..but you want to take them on the most empty stomach you can.
  4. well first of all, smoke some buds before, during, and after.. itll boost your trip a shitload. whoever told you you had to puke to trip has their head up their ass.. the contents of your stomach though make a HUUUUGE difference, so dont eat anything a few hours before you munch.. and trip somewhere thats TRIPPY, not in your fucking kitchen or something

    next time, try to get down 4 grams on an empty stomach without anything besides maybe a glass of juice.. go somewhere super trippy.. smoke a lot of weed.. wait 30 minutes.. satisfaction guarunteed :smoking:
  5. I think it depends on the mushroom (to puke or not to puke) I dunno, but there was this guy whos cat had taken some LSD and some time after the guy noticed that there were mushrooms growing from the cat litter box! don't know if it's a true story but there were pics of the cat and the litterbox and the mushrooms in it.
  6. shit!

    when i saw the thread title i thought we were all being invited around to "turboken's" to help eat the mushrooms......oh well.
  7. i ate 100+ of fresh, hand-picked(by me) liberty caps for one of my first times takin em (last sep/oct) and the grass was going like water and the wall behind me kept agitating me and making a buzzing noise. we (me and like 6 other friends) then proceded to walk around aimlessly until spending an hour in the middle of the road staring at a reflection of a neon OPEN sign that read- " NEPO "...damn...i want shrooms now...if only customs hadnt taken my GC order :( ah well
  8. I know I puked after ingesting Lophoro williamsii. I allways make tea with shrooms, and never puked. I think you refrain from eating before your trip.
  9. I had shrooms w/chocolate pieces, its a nice mix really, I eat this combo all week once
  10. 1. Smoke bud.

    2. Get about 5-6 grams of mushrooms and put it in a mixie (i.e. blender), put some orange juice and push the button till it all mixes.

    3. Dunno if it helps but some of the ppl. I know usually add some 3-5 vitamin C pills (the sweet chewy kind) to the mixture written in #2.


    5. Deserts are awesome for tripping. Just don't loiter too far and lose your self.

    6. Keep a good stock of pot on you and smoke VERY liberally and don't think of crap like "limited resources", "rationing" etc.

    Hope you have a good time. Also, try and take a buddy/kamarad/mate etc- but don't take a stupid idiot with you when you're racing off to the moon :)

    NOTE: Dunno but I found drinking better than eating. Always. EVen in bhang.
  11. i've never done it but i heard if you take a few vitamin c pills before and i hear it amplifys the high. I think maybe the shrooms were just shitty, because 3.5 grams should be a hard trip(dried shrooms at least)
  12. The last batch of shrooms i had were amazing.. and they were "9th generation" so they had virtually no spores which made them taste OK, trip my balls off, and not as bad for me (arent spores bad for the stomach??) So, was my guy bullshitting when he talked about the 9th generation shrooms?...its somthing about how many times the same batch of mushrooms has been grown...with less and less spores each grow. Anyone know? But even if they werent, it tasted like REgular mushrooms and i was trippin for a while.

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