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  1. Hey blades and bladies! I have a 'problem'.. I dont eat much, and im not hungry. Two days ago I ate two and a half hot dogs, yesterday I ate one, and so far today I have only eaten half a yoghurt and its already 5.30 pm.. The yoghurt I had to force feed myself, cause Im really not hungry! Tips are happily accepted!! Keep chillin' homies!

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  2. Just gotta keep forcing yourself. I know it's hard, I do, I had the same problem.

    But keep forcing yourself, after awhile if forcing yourself to eat big, your body will get used to it.

    I had to do it for months, but now if I go two-three hours without a meal, I feel like I haven't ate all day.

    Start with meals though, force yourself to eat toast and yogurt in the morning, then start adding in some eggs or oatmeal.

    I don't know, I don't got facts that back this up lol it just works for me lol.

    Force it down your throat! :laughing:

    That's my advice.
  3. Watch the cooking channel.
  4. Smoke lots of dope

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  5. Yeah if you do not have some kind of physical digestive problem, then smoke some of that MMJ and you will eat everything in the house and then spend your entire paycheck on groceries and eat those too. The MMJ out her in Cali does 2 things really well. 1. It gives you the raging munchies and 2. you will sleep like a baby.
  6. Girls eat? This is news to me.
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    Make some smoothies or milkshakes.  Smoke some bud and munch out.
    Also buying a barbecue helps (personal experience)
  8. Old Italian inducement to stimulate appetite is to fry up some garlic.
  9. You should eat right now. I just finished.
  10. what is the cause of your lack of appetite? thats the real issue you should be worried about.
  11. Could be anything, stress, IBS. I have the same problem im rarely hungry. Sometimes I will go all day without eating and when I do eat it's because I have the symtoms of anemia not because im hungry, I get confused, heart palpitations\\rapid heart rate, brain fog, clammy cold skin, etc.
  12. Im gunna guess you dont eat breakfast. Im also gunna guess your appetite is fueled by smoking weed. Lots of stoners munch out hard after they smoke which explains why they have no appetite when they are sober. I use to never eat breakfast and then 2 years ago I started eating, at the begining I had to force feed myself but now Im starving when I wake up. Its also important that you have your 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) at relatively the same time everyday. Its all about routine.

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  13. yes it could be anything, thats why the OP needs to find out whats causing it.
    i know that when i used to smoke a lot of weed every day, i wouldnt have an appetite at all unless i was high. so OP,  beware of that too.
  14. Ever since I started working out I began to eat like an animal. Just workout 3 times a week and really kill it. YOU will get hungry. I can eat all damn day and still be hungry. 
    Note to myself I should eat even more (3000 Calories easily)
  15. tip : dont use marijuana as a crutch to get you to eat.

    makes it very difficult to quit smoking and maintain a normal diet once your body is dependant on thc for hunger

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