Help me diagnose please. D:

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by keefin it real, May 6, 2011.

  1. Symptoms started to develop a couple days ago. Looks like a manganese def to me, but I could be wrong.


    pH is around 6.3
    soil is FFOF
    Barneys LSD
  2. one of my indoor grows looked like that about 3 years ago when i had thrips in the soil, they killed the plant by eating the roots, a few died about a week later, dig in the soil and see if you see any small black bugs
  3. I do believe u nailed it man !!! Very nice.

    Up those trace elements.
    Good work on that Ph.
    Nice healthy plant too.

    + rep to u.

  4. Awesome!

    How exactly would I go about upping the manganese?
  5. Hey.

    In your case, I recommend getting a good brand of trace elements, which
    will take care of all the micros, which is a good idea.

    If u dont wanna go that route, and just zero in on the Mn,
    u can consider some of the following:

    - Cow manure is a good source of Mn.
    - Manganese Sulfate (MnSO4) is excellent and quick.
    - Manganese Oxide (MnO) is also excellent and quick.


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