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    Hey everyone. I'm getting close to the end of my first grow, and planning my next. It'll be running 2 1000W HPS. I'm going to start off with this tent:

    High Tech Garden Supply

    Two of these guys

    High Tech Garden Supply

    This for venting the lights

    QUESTION: Do I need two of these (one for intake, one for exhaust) or just one?

    Valueline 6 Inch 435 CFM Centrifugal Inline Fan - Plantlighting Hydroponics

    This for between the lights

    Suncourt 6 Inch In-line Booster Fan w/powercord - Plantlighting Hydroponics

    I need help with air circulation for the tent itself. I need a blower around 700cfm, correct? What other things do I need to complete the tent?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, it'll be running a 4x8 Ebb & Flow tray with 40 plants on a 1 month (20 plant harvest) rotation. Vegging will be in a separate area.
  2. nice im jealous im working all this summer to get a good room goin
  3. how much is it all costing so far?
  4. Well I haven't ordered any of that yet. Not ordering anything for another week or so. According to my count, I'm up near $1000 with that stuff and my 4x8 ebb & flow...
  5. One thing I learned about designing my tent was cooling the lights + tent was a real paint to get just right.

    I would recommend two separate exhaust fans. One just for the lights, one for the tent itself. Have the one for the lights pull air from outside the tent. Doing it this way won't create so much negative pressure on the tent. You don't really need an intake fan either, just let the tent self regulate by using passive intakes and sizing your tent exhaust fan correctly. I would use a 300-400cfm fan for the tent exhaust, and if you must go with an 8" exhaust fan for the lights, then that Valuline would probably work fine. You could also use a high quality, high CFM 6" fan for your lights...saves you from using reducers. Check out the Vortex 6" or the CanFan 6" HO. Both 400+ cfm, imo plenty to cool two 1000w lights when using air from outside the tent. Just don't go with a cheap 6" fan.

    Whatever design choose, make sure to vent the exhaust out of whatever room the tent is in. You won't really have a choice with two 1000w lights. :)

    Take a read through my journal. I designed almost an identical setup, just 50% smaller than yours. 4x4 tent, single 1000w light.

    Good luck with your design/grow!
  6. In regards to your heat, both aspects lol, watch this whole vid then think about your venting. We know you can get it out of the tent with fans, but then what??

    [ame=]YouTube - FLIR Technology Description[/ame]

  7. Well, I'm not too worried about smell in the first place, so I think I'll vent it out of the grow tent, then out of the room, and have it end up in our living room. If that won't work, then up to the attic it goes. I also don't think I need to be TOO worried about getting a FLIR aimed at my place.

    So 435cfm for intake for the lights AND room, and 745 for exhaust from the lights AND room. One booster, and I think I'll be set. If not, I can always mess with it until it's perfect :devious::devious:

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