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  1. Ive got this much room to work with. I wanna grow as much as possible. I have two grows under my belt and i want to tackle this efficiently. Ive got 8 growing in there already and i plan on using CFLs the whole way through. Im not sure if i should do shelves, cabinets, or split the room with drywall to section out vegging and flowering chambers. Theres a wall mounted ac unit which gives me climate control. I believe it vents out air too. Not worried about neighbors too much so all im really looking for are suggestions and efficient use of space. Heres a ghetto floorplan. The lil closet spot to the bottom left is gonna be used for cloning. then working from left to right i plan on having the vegging section next then the flowering section closest to the window and door to the right.
  2. Sounds tight, I added some overlays based on your description. Doing drywall would be hella cool, but awfully expensive. I would just buy a couple of cabinets. Do you need to access the sealed door?

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    Nope..thats my plan exactly.. I just dont know how to do what you just and i can actually put up dry wall for cheaper than cabinets would run me only problem is how am i going to seal the forward part of that? I have panda paper but it seems pointless to do drywall on the sides and have panda paper as a curtain. for that ill just use panda paper to do the sides as well..
  4. I plan on using 3 gal pots, soil, SOG, cfls for clones and vegetive states and HPS for flowering. FFOF perlite 75/25 or something close to that. Ive got advanced nutrients micro/grow/bloom nutes and some liquid sea weed i foliar feed. For the current grow i used extreme gardenings MYKOS but liek an idiot i did them all. So i have no control to see how the growth differs. planning on doing 12 at a time and using a 600w HPS.
  5. One question... since the ac is to the left of the vegetive should i get fresh air to the flowering section. Ducting? Ive got fans pushing the air back towards the ac cuz from what i understand it also sucks air from inside the room outwards.
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    Since your using CFL's (low heat) you could probably just set up some fans to circulate the air.

    *Edit - Forgot about your 600 watt HPS. That puppy is going to need an air cooled hood and a nice blower. I would pump the air out of the room all together. If that's not possible, you could pump it back into the room and let the AC unit keep the temp down.
  7. Oh sorry..I don't need access to anything besides the door to the bottom right.. I wouldn't mind using 2700k cfls for flowering.. I've always done it like that. But I think that HPS will make my nugs denser. Any opinions on that?
  8. I could vent out I was thinking of cutting a hole in the ceiling and venting out that way. That's only if I go with HPS for flowering.
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    Heres my idea for it, the AC will beable to cool the flowering room and the window will give the veg room a source of air intake. Veg room only needs to be 1/2 the size or smaller than the flowering room.

    All the ducting is 6" and if you got a 8ft ceiling then your doors won't touch it when you open them. As its retardedly hard to show things stacked ontop of others in paint i left the inline fans kind of unfinished. but this setup would require 3 inline fans. venting could easily be pointed upwards through the ceiling if you wanted.

  10. Wow..serious effort there..thanks man..I think I'd rather vent to the roof to avoid any suspicion. I think I'm going to stick to cfls for flowering too. I've done it before and although I've never used an HPS I'm pretty sure the HPS grows buds that are denser. However..the way I see it the amount of heat generated by the ballast and heat it generates as far as ghettos birds overhead checking temps. I live close to an air force base and a private airport plus two major hospitals are all within a 20 mile radius..actually..there's one overhead as I type..
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    perhaps some homemade LED's would suit you better. i believe if you are up for some tedious work you can make a 600w LED for fairly cheap.

    Also HID's do produce dense buds, but i also believe they grow faster due to better light penetration.
  12. If you flower during the day with HID's the good ole police have no way of detecting the heat produced by them, as they use FLIR which is only effective at night
  13. he could also get this lol

  14. Interesting..gotta look into that...donno which LEDs to go far as kelvins I donno how they are rated.. And I agree with the penetration idea of hids

    agreed..good to know..thanks

    Lmao! That wouldn't bring any heat to my
  15. Trust me, go with the HPS light, it will be well worth it and it takes a shit ton of heat, more than what a 600w hps is producing (I know, I have one in my room, and its really not too hot).

    There are a couple of grows that do a comparison of different LED brands, I would look for those and use that in your decision on an LED. One brand is BlackStar, I can't think of any other good brands but there are a few.
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    maybe once my solar is up ill run the hps for flowering only. For the time being.. everything is CFL. Decided on separating the room with drywall just like sirDankinson drew up plans but i will be making the flowering room bigger(good one 69bandit) basically instead of splitting the room 50/50 itll be 25 (veg) 5 (flower) and closing off each entrance with poly paper, panda paper, blackwhite paper..whatever you prefer to call witht he velcro'd zipper as the entrance. the closet section is the clone section with shelves to hold more of them. Actually FOUND a T5 type light in the garage..gonna put that to use as soon as i find some new bulbs for it. Plan on using it for clones or vegging..

    dissec- Anchorman 2 is coming out!
  17. It sure is man! Did you have any more questions or things you needed worked out? Like, ventilation?

    Also, I'm still going to recommend the HPS, to cover a whole grow room you'd need sooo many CFL's, but you'd only need 1 HPS per room.
  18. can I have a vent towards the outside of the wall but not make it seem obvious that it's a vent on the outside because it'll be facing streetside and I don't want people looking at it wondering why there's a vent in the wall on the second floor of that house... I have a window I can use and I can also just drill through the wall...
  19. Also..I've divided the room already but I still need to figure out the best way of setting up my clamp on CFLs so that I can maximize adjustability as far as placement. Any ideas? Besides just putting a bar that goes across or hanging everything from the ceiling?
  20. Just gonna hang the lights from the ceiling with chains and a 2x4 suspended from the chains. I can just clamp the lights onto the wood. Raise and lower them as I see fit. Here's a pic of the ladies.

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