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    Hello all.
    I need some advice on changing out my weak bathroom fan for a real exhaust.

    I want to exhaust the room and go through my Lumesun reflector (it has attachable ports for ducting) to the outside. The outside duct is already in place.

    My closet space is 5'D x 4' 3"W x 7' 7"H

    With the door open temps currently run from 79-83 degrees Fahremheit. But I want to close the door. Temps currently run 86-89F with the door closed.

    Here are pics of the room and exhaust:



    There's also a passive intake.


    Basiccaly I want to draw air from the closet into the left side of the reflector and vent it out the right side into a small carbon filter right before going outside.

    I need advice on what types of fans to use and where to place them. I would like them reasonably quiet as the room needs to be stealth to visitors. Visitors won't come into that bedroom but there is a well used hallway and guest bathroom right outside the bedroom door.

    I also need filter advice.

  2. How big are the duct fittings on your reflector? Since you have a passive intake, you could simple attach the duct to one side of your reflector. This would create negative pressure in your grow area and the force created by the exhaust fan would pull fresh air in through the passive intake. All you would need for this is a fan and a carbon filter. Heres a nice package, its the cheapest one i could find and i looked for weeks... Or if your totally deadset on connecting the duct to both sides of the reflector, you could one of these... The last one i sent you is really quiet and is pretty inexpensive. This would also eliminate the need for a filter as long as one end of the reflector is pulling air in from the other closet and the other end is exhausting it to whereever your exhausting. You would want to purchase the fan/filter combo as well to eliminate any odors, you jsut wouldnt connect it to your reflector. This would look something like this...

    Picture is kind of bootleg. If your not on a tight budget, i would suggest going with that setup because its only like 30 dollars more and youll have so much more controll over your temps. Dont attempt running a carbon filter on an inline fan, theyre far to weak. I hope this helps, good luck with the rest of your grow, bro!:wave:
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    Thanks for the reply man. I think I have it squared away. My closet volume X 3 = 420 (no BS).

    I have a 4" flange going outide and my reflcetor is 4" as well.

    I'm going with the 6" Vortex and a speed control. It will be much quieter slowed down than the 4" fan at full throttle and still move more air. I'll use duct adapters to complete the run.

    I'm thinking a hepa filter at the start of the run, into the light reflector. A run out the other side into a carbon filter, into the Vortex, and out to the atmosphere.

    This will filter dust from the air going into the light reflector, exchange the air in the room, cool the HID, and scrub the air all in one run. It's a very short run and the Vortex has more than enough power to pull an ample amount of air through the run. With extra duct for flex and a few turns it will probably be less than 8' from end to end.
  4. Shit man, that sounds great! I happen to have a 6" vortex and it sounds like a f-ing lawnmower. Let me know how that dimmer switch works out for you.
  5. Will do.

    Thanks man.

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