Help me design a grow room for under 1000 bucks

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  1. So I am going to be growing in a 2x3 foot closet for flowering and a 1x4 foot room for vegging.

    For lighting I want 16 14w. Cfls
    And for flowering I know I want to go with a 400w hps.

    Also I need to keep it stealthy so with the fan keep in mind the sound.

    I want to do a scrog grow.

    It will be perpetual. I plan to have four plants. I will take two clones rfrom each plant to ensure I have four female clones atleast, and then ill just take a clone off each of those clones in the future.

    I hear fox farm nutrients are good so I'm thinking of going with those but idk how much it costs
  2. to stay on the cheap end roots organic nutrients use white paint on everything work on sealing light leak
  3. Foxfarm is a decent chunk of change. And if you need quiet fans I would use pc fans.
  4. I would but I don't think pc fans can cool a 400w hps in a six sq foot area
  5. [quote name='"Grasso"']I would but I don't think pc fans can cool a 400w hps in a six sq foot area[/quote]

    You could use inline duct fans. Or you could use two pc fans for intake and two for outtake. That's my plan for my next stealth grow box.
  6. I want to be 100 percent sure there are no heat problems. Also the fan has to be able to push through a carbon filter. Not using an intake fan, not necessary
  7. You are going to have to put good money into an inline fan. I'm unsure which fans would be quieter, but I'm sure you can find it on google.
  8. Buy a fan with a big capacity and lower the rpm with a regulator, is nice.
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    OMG, a PC fan is NOT going to remove the heat that a 400w HID produces... :rolleyes:

    Grasso, fans and stealth are like water and oil... LOL
    I have seen some REAL nice stealth setups, and you would never know they were there, until "click" the fan comes on... You can do a DIY duct muffler which work pretty good, but you still hear the sound of rushing air... Like when your house furness comes on, you cannot hear the furness but can hear the sound of the air rushing from the vents... Ya know????

    You're on the right track, but there is two things which are the hardest to tackle when doing "stealth" grows, fans, and smell...

    The 400w in a 2x3 SCRoG is nice, but you're not going to get 4 plants in there without being a total jungle by time your done... I did a 2 plant in a 3x3 with a 600w and it was a total jungle near the end...

    Your first concern should be heat...
    So you're right on when you questioned if the PC fans would remove the heat, and IMO NO, they won't...

    So to tackle the heat issue, I would do like a 6" Inline Fan & Carbon Filter Combo, which will cure the heat and smell issue, but we're still faced with the fan noise issue... Personally I have never found a total cure for the blower noise issue...

    As far as nutrients go, your best bet and the cheapest way out (IMO) is to pickup a Nutrient Bundle..
    Like the Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Bundle is $17.99 for Grow/Micro/Bloom 1L each.

    But that does not give you the good stuff, like Big Bud, or Bud Candy, etc. etc.

    But you're on the right track...

    What growing medium are you going to use???


    So what I would do is go through and plan your exact setup you're thinking of doing, then post it up, and we can better help you with all the little ins and outs, or the goods and bads of what you're planing on doing....
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    Grasso, a suggestion for a quiet operating inline fan for stealth from my experience would be the 6' sunleaves windtunnel on a speed controller. Also in combination for true stealthiness and sound deadening, an insulated box could be made to fit the fan inside.

    Have the fan exhausting air out of the room through the carbon filter causing negative pressure.

    As for nutrients i used the Fox Farm trio my first time, they get expensive but as my research in GC's organic growing section and some checking of local farm/feed stores. I have come to believe it is more economic for my perpetual grow to make a supersoil from basic peat moss, lava rock, and additives. So plain water and the occasional compost tea and im golden. More detailed ex. This too.

    Along with this recycle soil to increase longevity of my investment in the soil. Simply put i want to move closer and closer to being self sufficient. Just my two cents though to each his own.

    Organics Rule! :hello:
    hope this helped, good luck
  11. For your fan problem, idk how stealthy the sound of this fan is at 1 sones, but i found this ductless bathroom fan at home depot for $40. Its designed for bathrooms that you cant run ducting into for ventilation, so the fan has a built in carbon filter to clean the air it sucks up before blowing it into the walls. I plan on installing it in the roof of the grow box im trying to put together. Hope thats helpful

    Ductless Ventilation Fan-682NT at The Home Depot

  12. Says the Max CFM is 0.0 :confused:
    Wonder if that is a typo, or the fan was just not rated??
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    Under the specs it says "Fan Air Volume (CFM) : 80 or less" I don't know much about this but I figure if his 2x3 closet has a 8 foot ceiling then its 48 ft^3. So this fan could replace the air in it a little less then twice a minute. I guess this is a little below optimal but not too bad. The grow box I am building is roughly 30 ft^3 so it will replace the air in my box almost 3 times a minute.

    You also have to take into account that this fan does 80 CFM while pulling the air through a carbon filter compared to another fan that did 80 CFM would probably actually do less because of the resistance from the carbon filter.
  14. Check out my build man. Everything I did/spent for the first part of the grow is up there with totals to give you an idea what this stuff looks like. Sub out the 2' fixture for the cost of your HPS and your good to go. You won't have some of the costs I did like abs plastic parts because your set up shouldn't require it. It should just give you a basic cost/shopping list. As for nutes I'm using The age old line. It's good and not too costly. I'm still learning how to do all this stuff so take my advice with a grain of salt though.

  15. Oh, my local HD lists the CFM as 0.0??? Strange...

    Ya, I'm thinking that 80cfm may not be enough for a 400w lamp's heat...
    The lamp puts out 1364 BTU of heat!!

    The exchange air every 5 minutes rule of thumb is useless IMO...

    I have a 3x3x6.5 tent with a 600w, I use a 250cfm duct booster on just the lamp, and it's intake is outside air at 30F....

    Then I have another 250cfm on the tent for it's exhaust, and the tent's exhaust 250cfm runs for 30-40 minutes before it will shut back off...

    The bedroom the tent is in stays 62-65F, so the tent's intake is 65F...
    The 600w puts out 2,046 BTU of heat...

    So I'm thinking the 80cfm is not going to be enough for a 400w lamp in that small area..

  16. Wow thats some serious ventilation, i didnt do the math but it sounds like your replacing your air quite a few times a minute. Im new to this so i dont really know much yet, just putting together the plans for my first grow box that i hope to put together over Christmas. Since you really seem like you know what your talking about, do you think that 80 CFS fan could handle the 2.5 x 2.5 x 5 box described in my post HERE?

  17. Well been growing for 16yrs now, have setup hundreds if not a thousand + grow chambers for medical patients, and IMO, NO...

    80cfm will not handle the heat a 400w HID lamp will produce...
    I'll respond to you in your thread...
    Give me a few min. to get to a PC.. ;)
  18. I'm going to redo this thread and put down every bit of information I have for this grow. I've been planning hard for a very long time but I'm always open to new ideas. What section would a grow plan go

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