Help Me Design A 4X4 Tent

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by acchistory, May 24, 2013.

  1. My seedlings sprouted a few weeks ago so I thought it was time to pick up a tent. I plan on having 6 girls in a 4x4. I would like to get a 600w HPS but I need to know what all I will need to get with it to keep the temps right and the smell down a bit, and I will also need to know some prices and what this whole system can add up to. I'm really on a budget so anything I can ghetto rig or cheapify please let me know!
    My other grow room is a 2x6 and I will be doing 5 autoflowers in there under 520w of florescents. 

  2. Here:
    For $175.00 you can't get much cheaper for a 3'x3' tent, other than whipping 4x 4ft ply sheets together, or one of those portable closets that are flimsy as:...!
    Most noobies misunderstand that to get great buds does cost, at 600w you will need some heat extraction that you may add later, but right now see you as starting on the 'back foot'
    See your current 2'x6' as the veg room and the other newer room as the bud room
  3. I have the 4x4 tent, but I just know everything I need to make the 600w hps run effectively. 

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