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  1. So I was supposed to get my paycheck last friday and the system fucked up so I'm not getting it till tomorrow and have no idea how much it'll be for, somewhere between $250 and $350 most likely and will not be paid again till the 11th. I'm currently saving up about $400 for a new bong and now have the decision, buy bud now and risk not having enough money for the bong from my next paycheck and having to wait till almost February to buy it, or hold off smoking another 11 days and definitely have enough for the bong but possibly have very little to spend on bud to use in it. So what do you think?
  2. ... First world problems... Sigh
  3. Hahaha I know right, or I could donate it all to starving children in Africa
  4. Haha The weed that is, not the money ;)
  5. I be smokin bud out of a toilet paper roll and aluminum foil if i had no bong. Times of no weed is always worse than times of no bong.
  6. how much are you planning on spending on the bong? You dont need to spend 400$ to get a really nice bong. 100$ works
  7. Haha if I didn't have anything to smoke out of I'd at least scrape up like $10 for a shitty bubbler or spoon before I bought bud.
  8. Definitely disagree with this, I'm not looking for some $100 china glass or low end quality glass. I'm looking for a high end piece that a $100 bong won't come close to comparing to
  9. Do you wanna get high, or get comfortably HIGH? Any piece eill get you high, but only special pieces help you achieve that comfortable HIGH. Go for what you want :)
  10. I'm planning on getting the type of piece that makes you feel like you've been hit in the face with a bat made of weed. I usually vape for a nice comfortable high
  11. Sheldon black- double bubbler
    I got mine as a gift, but i think there just around the price range your saving for. Prolly 300-500$, they have Single percs bubblers. For cheaper as well. I like my bubs. :smoke: [​IMG]
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    Actually already looking at straight shooters with single percs my lhs in the $300 range along with a carbon filter and case. Probably going to go stemless if I can find one with a diffusor I like. That thing looks like a beast for $300 though, would definitely look into one if I were looking for a bubbler
  13. :smoke: Sounds like a good deal to me, stemless sounds cool also... Goodluck, im about week away from getting my SB in the mail. Cant fuckin wait.
  14. I've heard Sheldon Black has had some quality control issues also, so I'm a little wary of that
  15. I kinda heard that too, my friend had the "6 shooter" bubbler and i was in love. Hit really good for 12" bubbler with 6 chambers...but the mouth piece broke, kinda easily too. I Would of just had a blower fix it if it was mine. But this new sb is a gift so im not complaining at all.

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