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  1. to start this off let me say im NOT asking for any dosage information, i already know how much to take recreationally.

    now, since my parents are keeping me home this weekend (apparently becaue ive gone out every weekend for the past 4-5 weeks) i figured id make the best of friday night by getting twisted.

    ive got 2 grams of bud, 3 benzo's, and plenty of vodka/beer.

    so should i just pop the benzos + smoke?
    or smoke + drink?
    or do all 3? (i was told alcohol and benzos dont mix)
    keep in mind ive only done 1 benzo twice, never rly felt the full effects.

    thanks gc!
  2. What benzos hav you got. Ye I know for a fact that valium adds to the effects of alcohol cos i remember one night at a festival during the summer i dropped 4 blueys and drank 7 or 8 cans and at one stage i jus passed out standing up. Great feeling tho :D
    But ye take it easy on the drink, you get drunk waaay to easy. . .
  3. with your supplies man, this is completely how i am and what i would do.

    get abit high going at first. take up some shots and dont even hit that benzo the first nite.

    this way if u take it slow u got another day, u can have a bit of alch left and take a pill, and smoke abit u will feel alive thats for sure haha.

    im into conservation AND getting good tho u kno haha.

    whatever ur feeling and whatever u can control my friend.

    do it up
  4. Your parents are keeping you in?
  5. thanks all

    and ya because the last few weekends ive come home plastered and they get pissed off when i come home rly late (even tho its a weekend) and told me i have to take it ez this weekend so im ontop of my school work and not just out chasin bitches.
  6. Which benzo do you have? I'd take the benzos and smoke. Maybe drink 1 beer if I felt up to it.
  7. Your parents are keeping you in yet your older than 18?
  8. My best friend is 19 almost 20 and her dad doesn't let her do shit since she moved back in with her parents. Sometimes he even takes her paycheck. We went to "get cigarettes" aka smoke a joint at my house and he gave her 30 minutes to get back home.
  9. Wow, strict parents these days.
  10. I'm sick of reading this kind of shit. Not everyone's parents are cool with their kids being out all hours of the weekend. I'm 18 and know for damn sure that if I still lived with my parents I wouldn't be allowed out all weekend drinking/doing drugs. My solution to this was to move out the day after I turned 18, I work full-time and go to school full-time, but not everyone can handle that kind of lifestyle.

    Anyway, OP, I would smoke and drink tonight, and tomorrow I would take the benzos and smoke some more.
  11. Calm down there cowboy, this is an internet forum.
  12. That would be cowgirl, and I am quite calm, thanks though. I was just expressing my opinion, that's kind of the purpose of an internet forum ;)

  13. Pipedown, he was only expressing HIS opinion, an opinion i share..

    fucking strict parents.
  14. agreed strict parents.
    but nearly every thread like this there is a couple people saying something to the effect of 'omg i can tell ur not 18 omg ban ban' and that shit is annoying.

    if you wanna get real twisted just pop all the benzo's, and drink and smoke as you please.. Just put your cellphone, wallet, and keys all in a lock box or something, it's annoying to lose that shit.
  15. Yeah, strict parents suck but unfortunately you can't choose them. I don't agree with it either\; I was just saying that I am sick of reading things that allude that perhaps someone is under 18 when really, they probably just live with their controlling parents.

    Anyway, I'm fucked guys, sorry for sidetracking this thread lol:eek:

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