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Help me decide on a New Bong!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 5cooby Doo, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I currently have this one: EHLE. Glass - Straight Cylinder Bong 500ml - Ice Notches - Red logo -
    I love it, it's great! I was hoping to upgrade to something better now! I just can't decide what? $100-200 range? Zig-zag shapped? 4ft straight? Something better? What's the different between a beaker bottom and straight?

    Is there a difference in quality between an expensive bong ($100+) at a local head shop and a RooR or something of that quality?

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    if you have a straight get a beaker now, imo i like beakers because i take 1 hit bowls instead of packing (beakers fill up slower=more milk and nicer hit imo), When i was buying alot of glass i would never get a second of a piece, 2 straights ect just different size, they have enough variety to get a different hitting piece every time dont settle for 2 of the same tube design imo

    Also some glass is china glass and other glass is high quality hand blown, higher quality bongs will be $200+ just for a straight tube
  3. Here's a picture of something I was considering? The second twirly one.

    But the first one he is holding in his hand looking pretty cool too :eek:

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  4. if you are a small person remember clearing big bongs is almost impossible, I would personally pick the large one because im 6'3. Those style bongs are good for ripping hard large 1 hits, The crazy looking one i personally wouldnt get because of chances of it breaking and its got to be a bitch to clean/smoke from alot

  5. Yeah, I don't exactly have the largest lung capacity :eek:. And it makes sense not to get another straight tube. Is there a "better" bong than what I have? Something that would give me more out of my herb, a better experience toking?

    When I went from my two china-glass bongs to this straight tube, I was SHOCKED in the huge awesomeness of the new bong!

  6. Well i smoke daily from bongs, the piece doesnt matter but what matters to me the most is the ashcatcher, I always put 1 ash catcher on my pieces so they dont get dirty fast, The longer you can keep a nice bong clean the nicer it will hit taste wise

    I would just keep variety in your glass collection and make sure to get an ashcatcher soon it will make things cleaner + extra diffusion.

    Also i would only invest in 1 gromet bong (non Glass on glass) because they pretty much all hit the same but the big ones
  7. Would i be better off getting a Alex K. Downstem Showerhead. And an Ash Catcher? MAybe a fancy bowl?

    Or would it be worth it to just pick a completely new piece.
  8. Cant go wrong with an Illy straight tube, its the best.
  9. I'm having the same problem, can't decide! I really want this but rant the ones with small wholes etc hard to clean? [​IMG]
  10. Im getting the black leaf 3-arm Perc Ice Bong with Ashcatcher - amber soon it comes out to 80 bucks with shipping but ill also be buying a bong bag
  11. I like the look of the honeycomb black leaf aswell. It's the same problem though, wont the resin clog the small wholes

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