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    I'm going to be building myself a gaming PC and for christmas my dad is buying me case and with that I will swap everything in my current computer into it and save up and build part by part from there. I've been trying to decide between three cases.

    The one I like the most currently is the NZXT Phantom in either red, or black with orange or green highlights. I really like the design of this case, which is why it is my favorite one, the fan controllers are also a big plus to me. No usb 3.0 is definitely a downside, but with the door in front of the 5" bays I could always put some 3.0 ports there and it won't matter how it looks.

    My next choice would be the Corsair Graphite Series 600T in black. This seems like it would have better cooling, and I really like the space up top where you could put a water cooling radiator.

    My third choice is the Thermaltake Level 10 GT. I was a fan of the original Level 10 and this one is not only cheaper, but has been said to be better. This is my last choice mainly because of looks. It's not as good looking as the original, but still has it's own original style.

    I'm open to suggestions but after looking through all the cases on newegg, these are my favorites. So which do you guys think has the best cooling and would be the most "future proof"?
  2. I bought an NZXT when I built my rig and I really like the designs of their cases, especially that Phantom with the orange accents. The design of the Thermaltake is something you don't see in every computer case which is the reason I enjoy that one as well. If it was my choice I could flip a coin between the two and be satisfied either way.
  3. I would get the NZXT. It looks badass and it looks like it has PLENTY of room and pretty good airflow.

    Honestly I don't like the way the other cases look, even though they are very spacious and have good air flow.

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