Help Me Decide Between Nike Free 3 Runs

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by GBaby803, May 25, 2013.

  1. most votes decide which ones I get. 

  2. I just got these so I don't know if i should get another pair of all blue shoes. and I have  no "volt" colored clothes but I like the shoes.[​IMG]
  3. so many views but no votes.....cmon!!
  4. I don't like really flashy colors. I'd go with the black/silver or those dark blue ones they have.
  5. I got the all blacks and a pair of grey/lime green/red.

    Hella comfortable.

    I'd go with the neon yellow/blue ones.
  6. do you guys buy these from the nike online store ? I bet you could prolly find them somewhere else cheaper
  7. I want to get these !
  8. blue orange and black.. more shit matches that combo :smoke:
  9. I got them from at the liquidation section they got the newest 5.0's for 75 if any of u interested.
  10. are they authentic? you cant really trust a website with that kind of name homie. you wearing your sneakers from there and they end up catching fire because of friction from the air and shit.
    lol nah there authentic they got an actual store in cali. is also good and they are legit and got an actual store in baltimore
  12. got them for 70 if your a 11.5 or 13
  13. nah just running shoes/apparel
  14. oh then nvm..

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