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  1. I don't have the resources such as humiditifers and what not, What's the best way for me to dry cannabis in my bedroom, Smell isn't an issue as my mum is okay with me growing, I just don't know how to go about it, I live in a very hot and dry climate, Temperatures outside today are 39C

    However, I do have an A/C but I can't leave it ON for weeks, I have fans and what not, Just need a recommendation on best way to go about it.

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  2. fans well ventilated area works
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  3. what if my room is too hot man?

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  4. If you are in the room turn on the AC if not put a fan on the plant if you have it hanging .
  5. It will be fine. Theres a well respected grower on here that dries in a hot garage in the california summer. Ac will drop humidity just so you know
  6. is humidity dropping good or bad

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    That would depend on what the humidity is. You said dry so probably not good. It can still be done. The main problem is you said you cant run ac for weeks but it takes months to grow a plant. You're either going to have to commit or you might as well not grow inside
  8. Get with it ,,, you want help ,,, we are trying to help.
    We cant help because we don't actually know how hot it really is because you will not post actual numbers .
    Actual temp and humidity levels would help.
  9. I don't grow inside lad what r u talking about? All my grows are outdoors

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  10. 95F during the day 30-40% humidity during the day, increasing at night up to 60% humidity with temperatures going to down to 75F at night.

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    You're post says you cant run ac for weeks. Your talking about humidifiers and such. Then in another post you asked what if the room was too hot. Sounds like your drying inside to me. I never saw anything about growing mentioned so I wasn't referring to growing. I didnt mean mean to put grow in the last post. My bad but the advice still stands. You need to commit. Dry in extremely low humidity can ruin even the best crop. Watering the plant and leaving it whole at harvest will help slow down the dry but a humidifier is the best option
  12. Hang the buds or plants and put a fan on them and open a couple windows if possible .
    First day your humidity will go up in the room , no worries ..
    95 F is perfect , Dry until you can snap the stem into then cure in some mason jars placed in the dark .
    vent twice a day for a hour .
    Good luck , have fun .

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