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Help me debate one of my friends!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, May 30, 2009.

  1. One of my friends who is really, really opposed to weed is trying to get me to stop. I agreed to have a debate with him (he is so opposed I had to talk with him for 10 minutes just to get him to agree to be able to present my side of the facts, rather than him just giving me anti-weed information for the whole time and he doesnt even care that I only do it a couple times a week) and want your help on websites/info for pro-marijuana information. I know everyone here praises the union, but there is no chance at all of him watching a video that is that long. So, where is the information, and you can give me facts you know of your own, but that is not gonna help unless you have it backed up somewhere, all the facts need to be backed up. Thanks, your help would be great!:D
  2. I don't have time to write a list of facts with citations for you right now. Do your own research. use the 'Search' function here and you'll find a ton of threads and posts with links.

    Also, Google is your friend.

    EDIT: Have him watch 'The Union' and other similar videos.
  3. good luck. some ppl just hate weed and think of it as a life ending drug:mad: sucks to be them!

    i doubt ull be able to change his mind.

    when all else fails- marijuanna was put on earth for a reason....
  4. sit down and watch "the union" w/ him, its a pro MJ documentary, best documentary I have ever seen.
  5. Simple...if he smokes or drinks alcohol the debate is over.
  6. he jus said HE WONT WATCH the union lol na jus tell him its your life you can do what you want and just dont smoke around him.
  7. If he refused to watch it tell him he loses the debate by default.
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    I have a friend like this too. Just be cool about it and casually let him know he's missing out.

    Anytime you toke up around him, offer him some casually. If he refuses, be cool and be like "ah ok. more for me."

    Be casual about it all, if you smoke around him act like your just smoking a cig, or drinking a beer (the nonchalant aspect of it.)

    He might learn that it's natural, safe, and beneficial.

  9. winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!!:hello:

    but if he can listen to rediculous government propaganda for years without questioning a word, he might be what you call a lost cause...... find some friends that already share your point of veiws, with similar life styles. you'll be so much happier chillin with them than listening to your square bear buddy trying to brainwash you......
  10. i showed that to one of my super conservative friends and he said "that is the stupidest bullshit i've ever seen. i've seen better facts from the National Enquirer"
    at that point its just ignorance.
  11. Sounds like it is just one of those people that you have to agree to disagree with. Tell him that you smoking weed is not harming him at all and that he should shut his mouth lol
  12. You should say just watch atleast half of the union, and if he doesn't then say forget the debate. Some people are gonna believe what they want to believe, if he is like that then you just have to tell him the straight forward way. Its my body, I don't believe it harms me so stfu, and leave me alone about it already. sometimes you gotta say it like that
  13. If you still have friends like this, you probably aren't old enough to use this site.
  14. not true at all bro
  15. def not true
  16. if your friend is to closed minded to watch a video than he isn't worth debating. you will never get him to acknowledge any facts about weed.
  17. You should both agree to provide accurate citations for all data presented and from something more reputable then some meager college study.

    This way every key point in the debate holds enough water to actually stay in the debate.

    Any point brought up without the facts behind it should be heard and understood, but disregarded in the actual debate.

    Be polite, honest, and most of all, a good listener.
    Also I would refrain from using insults, even if you're trying to be witty and say something like "ignorant", it's a good way to ruin the integrity of your entire debate.
  18. Smile big at him, pat him on the back, and in the nicest possible way, just tell him to shut the fuck up. I don't know about you but I don't have a whole lot of time for people who think they need to tell me how to live my life.

  19. He is younger than me and is 18 years old himself.
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    I have alot of friends who smoke weed, well over half of them do, but why lose a friend when you dont have to. I know that he does this cares about me, and he is doing this because he thinks he is helping. But he may be a lost cause, he thinks that those above the influence commercials are great (no kidding). I guess that should have been my first clue. It just seems so wierd because I told him I did it because he seemed ok with it, and he said he was gonna defend me on it with a person I was afraid to tell, but that person I didnt want to tell (who is where I met this anti-weed person from) is totally ok with it. He asked me how I even could have tried it, I said I wanted to know what weed was like and he said that I was weak for that temptation. He said my weed is like I am a fish in a fish tank who is being put in a jar to be transported. I think im being taken to the ocean, but Im really being taken to be fed to other fish. I can understand thinking weed is bad and whatever, but he is crazy against it. He doesnt even care I dont use other drugs. I know Im not gonna get him to think its great, but i just want him to understand it is not that bad. The worst part is, when i tell him that propaganda and lies is what makes people against weed, like when he tells me stuff he hears or sees in textbooks, I tell him that it is government propaganda. He then says, these are not government people, but thats not the point, the government can control information, these people that are saying anti weed things may think they are telling the truth but they are giving mis information and they dont even know it, because of what they have been told, just as generations told younger generations that witches existed 500 years ago.

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