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  1. Hey, Grasscity. I'll cut to the chase.

    Recently my mother found my weed, and she has still not let this one go. On the radio, a DJ was talking about "how stupid kids these days are for smoking and thinking it's not bad for them" (They were, in fact, referring to Tobacco) My mother agreed, and began ranting to me about how smoking Cannabis is going to irritate my lungs, and that's a "One way ticket to Cancer."

    "A One way ticket to Cancer."

    She thinks this stuff is really bad for you. Very bad. At first I told her that that's absolutely ridiculous, I told her how she was being ignorant, but she continued to yell over me. I then convinced her to listen; she told me that any doctor who says that Cannabis will not harm you drastically is just a "Pothead, pushing drugs on to people". I then told her legitamite scientists and doctors will say that it's really not that bad. She told me to show her who these doctors are.

    The game is on, ladies and gentlemen.

    I left, and let her sit in her stupidity. The game was on. The goal of the game is this:

    I intend to compile a giant list of material; Tests, professional studies, articles from reputable sources, and this material is going to show her that yes, real doctors and scientists will tell you that weed is no killer.

    The plan: I'm going to wait for the moment, and this moment will come, let me tell you. She is going to start hatin' on the ol' Cannabis, and I'm going to say absolutely nothing. I'm going to speak with my actions. Picture this:

    She goes off on weed, and I let her go on for six seconds. BAM. I slam a thick manilla folder full of cited material from reputable sources, all showing the benefits and goodness of weed. I'm going to take this said folder then, and shove it in her face. She will see the endless amount of fantastic information, and be silenced. If not silenced, then this will put a considerable dent in her arrogance and ignorance.

    Blades. I need your help. Come here and post as much information as possible. Try to keep the information as close to the original source as possible, meaning straight from the PHd, or information from tests and studies directly. Include some info on the prohibition, too. If you want to you can just link other posts which have links to information such as this. Just bring the info.

    Once I do this, she should be willing to watch The Union. By the time this operation is complete she should be at least 50% less ignorant.

    Game on, Blades, game on.
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    You should also show you mom this movie, its a very good documentary and its a must see.
    [ame=""]The Union[/ame]
  3. Another great video, a must see.:D

    [ame=]YouTube - Cannabis Forgetting and the Botany of Desire: Michael Pollan[/ame]#!
  4. Awesome responses already, guys.

    Who knew a community of stoners would be so reliable. :p
  5. The entire botany of desire show is just mind blowing cool, not just in relation to MJ.

    The single greatest trait any plant can evolve to have? Being desired by humans.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - RUN FROM THE CURE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7)[/ame]

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