Help Me Coerce My Gf Gc Blades.

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  1. So we have recently weaned our child from breastfeeding, my girlfriend doesn't have to be drug tested and has a job, our baby is very well behaved, but for the life of me I can't seem to talk her into smoking weed...
    When we first met she smoked weed with me, but now she says that she doesn't feel like she needs to,
    I'd like to have something that we both can do together again, she'd get hornier and our sex life will be back on track, she'd be more relaxed and have a lot more fun than she does, but just won't hit the pipe or drink no more... Kinda dissappointing as I'm only 24 and she's 22 and she's basically a wet blanket who doesn't like to do anything after she got pregnant.

  3. give her a brownie for lunch one day
  4. Maybe you should look in the mirror if you wanna solve the problem. You could lose your kid if someone found out you were smoking and no one should ever be talked in to doing something they don't want to. She sounds mature and responsible maybe you should be more like her. 
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    Females are much more likely to grow up after having kids, than males. 
    What I'm trying to say is, let her go man. 
    I mean, she's a mother now. She's got to take care of the baby. 
    Smoke with your friends. Smoke with your buddies. 
    But no need to smoke with your wife. 
  6. I didn't want to smoke after I had my son. I always wanted one of us to be sober in case something appended and we needed to go to the hospital or call the police or whatever.

    Just give her time. She will want to have fun again. Try and get some time away from the baby and have fun with just you and her. Let her have a drink and try and get her to relax but don't force her.

    If she isn't comfortable, she won't do it. I'd say maybe you say sober and let her have fun. She might remember what it's like and partake with you more often.
  7. I didn't smoke for a year after having my kid. I just didn't need it. I was young as fuck and I was doing it alone. Just tell her that you miss smoking with her and it would be cool if you did it together sometimes. She may decide to start smoking again. Or she may decide to just smoke with you sometimes.

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