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Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by RynoSmokesDank, May 11, 2011.

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  2. I think that the second one looks pretty sick. Id go with that one
  3. Second one is tight as hell.
  4. Definatly the second. Kinda got a zong feel to it which i love. I can dig it. The first ones a little to straight shooter for me but hey its up to you. =)
  5. 2nd might also help with splash.
  6. Definitely the Ehle. Use diffuser for best results.

    EHLE > Weedstar
  7. Choose the first, i think simple is better, n i personally sm not into all the fancy shit, i just like a straight bong
  8. Something CLEAR,definately has 2 be AIRTIGHT.
    make sure no air that'll come around the bowl or stem if u put your thumb over the bowl. if not,Electrical tape'll fix that.
    make sure its airtight so you get the PERFECT hit EVERYTIME.(like my avatar)
  9. They both look like great bongs.

    Personally, I'd go with the EHLE.
  10. I'd get the ehle. Looks more solid to me.

  11. well by posting those links you are breaking our rules just keep that in mind.
    go for the ehle it is superior in quality than that of the weedstar.
    hits will be alot better once you upgrade the downstem as opposed to the weedstar it might look more intricate but it looks like shit

    ofcourse it will be airtight, it has glass seals never use tape unless its for an acrylic

    please do not take this guys advice
  12. Jeez that guy just slammed everyone here so hard
  13. i personally wouldnt get either one because edit ships from over seas....FUCK CUSTOMS

    but out of those two definitely pick the EHLE.
    i thought about buying that same one actually...
    fuck the weedstar!

    trust me, the quality of the ehle will SURELY be worth its lack of aesthetics compared to the weedstar
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    what fucking stumps me is the kid lives in fucking cali and he's ordering stuff from the net, do you not fucking realize you have the best place for high end glass plus mid end, do you not realize you don't have to get fucking china glass. Save some more money and goto your local headshops PLEASE! iF YOU SPEND 160$ at aqualab you can get a 9mm hvy tube or a 7mm mgw tube for 140!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    edit: he might not actually live in cali, sorry.
  15. Well if he buys China Glass us BC dudes will take his place. :D

  16. jajajaja man chill out no need to get all worked up...
    if he does live in cali i hope he takes a trip to venice beach and gets a very good deal
  17. at least buy from inside the country. wont have to worry about customs at all. plus less shipping.

    although the guys above me are right, always check what your local headshop has :)

  18. It's hard to chill out when you live in Canada, where we have a bunch of shit glass and only till now some headshops are getting legit brands in, so when i see a post like this, it pisses me off because they have the best glass at there disposal, even living in the us alone you do. Plus you have theseboards at your disposal, if you read around you learn very quickly
  19. Definitely the EHLE 500ml, it's a perfect daily driver. Once the novelty of that Weedstar wears off you will probably regret not getting the EHLE.

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