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Help me choose two strains to smoke this month.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 72ogerrabbit, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I am looking to buy two strains from the list.

    I am a relatively new toker and the only strains that I have realy smoked are sour diesel and Tahoe OG.

    Tahoe OG was a decent smoke except for it basically makes me lazy for the rest of the day and sleepy, I would literally dose off within an hour or two of smoking it. Sour diesel seemed kind of good from what I can remember, but again I can't tell how good it is without anything to compare it to really.

    So out of the list what would you recommend if you could chose two?

    I think I want a good smoke to hang out and go to school and go to work on, and a good strain to chill and listen to music/watch TV but not put me to sleep. I also have back pain too, so if any of those strains could knock it out that would be great.

    Platinum Kush
    Liquid Dream
    OG Kush
    Green Crack
    Platinum OG Kush
    Romulan Haze
    Huckleberry Haze
    Blue Dream

    Tell me what you suggest.

  2. Green Crack is a nice smoke.

    Get that Blue Dreamy dream man. Shit gets me so faded. One of my personal favorites.

    Plat is a good high as well.
  3. Blue Dream, only one I know out of those.

    I suggest some AK-47 for a good sativa, to chill and watch TV or kick back and plug in some tunes. :smoke:
    Edit: OR, or, you could get some Sour D :D
  4. Idc what anyone says if u can get some legit green crack GET IT
  5. id go with some purp skirp or some dank ass dank ass. maybe some skunk unk unk. dat shits cray

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