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Help me choose the right strain

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kable457, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I already posted this in the apprentice toker forum, but didn't get the enthusiasm I needed. Might be better to put it here so you pro's can help me out
    Okay so I asked my dealer if he could get me som specific strains, and he said I can send you the list of all the strains I can get at the moment. This is the list:
    Pure power plant
    power plant
    Jack herer
    bubble hasj
    Master kush
    jack frost
    orange krush
    green crack
    pineapple mango
    durban poison
    white widow
    s5 haze
    pink blueberry kush
    sour diesel
    amnezia haze
    ice cream
    thai stick
    super silver haze
    black domina
    blue cheese
    critical mass
    blueberry white
    lemon drop
    santa maria
    critical haze
    buddy haze
    black mamba
    blue widow
    northern light
    chem wreck kush

    I'm thinking of getting jack herer/Sour Diesel/northern lights/pink blueberry kush. But I can't make up my mind. Any of you guys got some opinions on this? Tell me if you've tried any of these strains and if I should go for it. :) Appreciate the help
  2. Get them ALL.
  3. Holy Shit. Youve got a STRAIGHT dealer. Heres my opinion...

    Indica:Master Kush,Blue Cheese
    Sativa: Super Silver Haze,Green Crack, Jack Herer, Critical Haze
    Hybrid: Ak47
  4. Also curious on your dealers prices if you don't mind me asking...

  5. Of course man. And by the way I ordered an ounce of master kush, and an ounce of green crack, so your tips was good ;) I'm paying 2800 NOK which is about $450 for the master kush, and 2250 for the green crack, which is like $380 or something. I know you're gonna say that's too much, but in norway street price for a gram is 25$ for high mids, and you don't get that much discount for buying bulk.
  6. Sour Diesel
  7. :eek:.... I want your dealer so bad :D
  8. I am JEALOUS!

  9. Haha, the dealer I had before this guy sucked tho. Always only one strain, usually high mids. Now I got a list of dank, it's super awesome :D
  10. If you want to get profoundly fucked up, I mean detached from reality fucked up, Afghani is your indica strain. I have gotten as fucked up on Afghani as I EVER did on Colombian Gold, back in the day when DINOSAURS ROAMED THE EARTH!

    I like Jack Herer for sativa. I also like Panama Red (I got a free gram when I joined a collective) but it's not like the old stuff - which was better than the modern Panama Red.

    Colombian Gold was the shit and if I could grow, I'd look for legacy seeds.

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