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Help me Choose my next Pick Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nadroj, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Alright so i bought a sack of some no name outdoor high mids yesterday from a buddy for $25 for a half eighth, only gotta g of that left so that will be gone soon. While i was chillin with my buddy though his guy stopped by and he bought a half o of some C train (not sure what the genetics are but its hairy and looks awesome) and another half o of some Grunk 2 (grape ape x skunk), not sure where the 2 comes from but that's what it says. The c train is what i'd most likely be getting just because it looked better lol, grunk was a lil leafy for my preference.

    Then this morning i get a text from another buddy saying his guy has 4 strains: Outdoor Colombian Haze (probably middy), and some hydro grown strains: Afgooey, God bud, and Bubble Gum. All are $25/half eighth, if what my second guy says is true i'd definitely be down for some afgooey but i believe ive had bubble gum before and that shit is damn good also. God weed seems like it would be the best choice just from the name but i gotta feeling the looks don't live up to its name. So i ask you people of the city, What shall i choose?! I want some indoor since i just got some outdoor yesterday haha.
  2. i'd go with the Afgooey becauase i've heard nothing but good things.

    I've smoked bubblegum before also and its good, but i myself like trying new things.

  3. yeah i was definitely siding with the afgooey myself, just my second guy sometimes gets unlegit bags (ive received bags from him that have weighed to 1.3 before and i paid $25, FUCK THAT but he was nice enough to give me my $5 back) As long as they weigh out to at least 1.6 ill take it, i always weigh my bags asap, usually my guys weigh it right in front of me but this guy not so much since he is a lil nooby when it comes to dealing.
  4. thats lame, i hate when people try pinching sacks.
    as long as its on point i'd go with it :smoke:

    i only get small sacks because sometimes my guy doesnt have a scale and he eyeballs it and tells me to weight it when i can, if its off point he hooks me up next time. but if its over he lets me keep the extra :):hello:
  5. k i really have no idea what i got but i was told he put a lil bit of afgooey in there but im not positive, but it was a deal, 2.4 g's for $25. i think it's some outdoor bud, smells pretty fruity, has a very distinct smell from any other bud. we were chillin tokin and the guy told me it was the cheapest bud he could get at the dispensary, and it does look a bit beasterish but nonetheless still dank. I'll definitely will be bringing this guy more biz since he showed me some snowcap and bubble gum that looked absolutely amazing, he just got some hash plant too that looked great. Sample pics, then jar shot :D I still need to get better at taking pics lol :eek:




  6. That don't look like no afghooey ive ever seen
  7. #7 Nadroj, Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    like i said, not positive about the strain man and im saying he only put like may be a half gram of afgooey in there but i dont see any haha. just cause it doesn't have a specific name doesn't mean it's not fire. Gonna load a bowl here pretty soon for the night time sesh, hopefully my older bro will join me :smoke:

  8. looks similar to it in all ways.. i just googled.. very very similar
  9. Im not saying its not the real strain, but if it is, it wasn't grown all that great. Not saying it won't get ya high though!

  10. i agree about the grow part.. not many strains can come out looking 100% exact as the last batch. happens to me when my purp aint purple lol.
  11. A lot of purple strains have a couple different phenotypes, so you could potentially get a number of different looking plants from 3 of the same seeds.
  12. haha thanks guys, yeah like i said, one of the cheaper strains sold at the dispensary so of course its not THE GREATEST but still dank. I also googled it and it does look similar i'd have to say but names are not a big deal when it come to my purchases, im guessing this guy got it for $200-$250/oz and is just slinging bags giving people the hook up like he did for me since he knew it's not the best bud he could get.
  13. I am very stoned off this bud still, just smoked a fatty .4 bowl with my bro and finished his dank in his sneak a toke, gonna go to bed in a lil :)
  14. UPDATE: As much as i love choices, it's always a bitch to choose which bud you want. Decided to pick up a dub yesterday (1.4) from my go to guy (not the guy i got from last time), i had 3 buds to choose from: Royal Kush, Kali Mist, and Buddha's Sister, all of them were dank. My buddy had some Thai shit that looked BOMB, but that was part of his perse and he was waiting to smoke it with someone special i guess lol. Anyways, i ended up getting a fat .8 nug of the Buddha's Sister and .6 of the Kali Mist which i smoked already outta his bong :D. From what i read in the reviews the buddha is mostly indica so ill have to test it out haha.
    The buddha looks very similar to this but a lil leafier since i think it's outdoor, ill try and snap some pics of it sometime today:[​IMG]
  15. here's some pics:


  16. no love? whatta shame.
  17. k, ive been smoking on a bowl of this stuff since 6 and it's a very nice buzz ive had going all night, i feel it a lil in the head towards my eyelids and i can feel it in my arms/shoulders and knees, some indicas are awesome :smoke:

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