Help me choose my next car gc

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  1. I'm getting my college money here in a month and I'm looking for something 1.5 to 2.5k Honda civics, preludes, acura integras, mr2s, sentras, golfs, rabbits, corollas, cavaliers etc.
  2. Corolla or civic. Die hard stupid simple and reliable. My vote would be on the Toyota.
  3. Yup go with a Toyota. My entire family has them and all are 100% reliable. My friends that own em are the same way.
  4. Can't go wrong with a civic or Corolla for sure. Then save money for a toy.

    Mr2's are usually beat on...need work ...a swap if it's not turbo and has the 5sfe. not worth it unless you plan on putting $ into.
    1st gens are great but again not a daily.

    Really just about any japanese fwd car is gonna be reliable.(depending on history obviously)

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    Id go for a manual Civic. I would never buy a Honda with a auto trans. 
  6. You could get something decent if you lease it, but you would need some sort of income to make payments.  Or just search around for a deal, I picked up a 95 Camaro for $1000.  Only thing it needed was new tires, which came with the car and a muffler since it was straight piped.
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    What about a scooter?
    If you get a civic look for one that is stock. Try to stay away from cars with aftermarket intakes/headers/fart cans. Odds are they have been driven harder then a all stock one.
    Edit: do you NEED a car? Its kinda fun not owning a car. Ride a bike if you can.
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    You know I had to duck in here and post this [​IMG]
    THE MOST RELIABLE CAR EVER MADE......j/s :laughing:

  9. MR2 is the best car there for sure. If your talking old school?

    Jap for the win!

  10. I like a white first gen mr2 that's for sure top 5 favorite cars.
  11. Either get a civic, integra, or a GTI.. And please, please for the love of god if you get a civic don't get a hatch.
    Or if you wanna fork out enough cash get a WRX.
    Or be a real man and get a truck [​IMG]
  12. well I like the recommendations except for the truck I don't wanna waste money on gas to be a real man. Civic hatchbacks are the ONLY way to go for a civic.
  13. cavalier. Get pre 2001, so you don't get the eco tec engines. Also none of that jap crap. Costs more to maintain those toyotas and hondas... 
  14. I actually do like cavys cheap fun and lots of aftermarket they got a cult following.
  15. But jap is definitely not crap.
  16. My vote goes to prelude. Reliable, and fun enough
  17. CHEVROLET!!!!!!!!
  18. I'm thinking a 4th or 5th gen civic hatchback I used to have a 4th and it was such a good car the best I've owned overall the boxy look doesn't appeal to most people and its not fast its got some pep but you gotta drop like a few gs at least into those to have some real juice in them.

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