help me choose a pipe

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  1. i've been searching and looking for a pipe with thick glass and a smooth hit (for a spoon) also i was looking for one around 5 in

    narrowed it down to a few so pick your favorite or if you see something better let me know


    1. Amberpurple Honeycomb and glass frit extra door AmericanGlassArt

    2. The Wrapnrake transparent yellow over blue door AmericanGlassArt

    3. Glass pipe Blown Glass pipe Spoon van PrimoGlass op Etsy

    4. purple inside out spoon pipe free shipping van DirtyBGlass op Etsy (thick glass)

    this one is out of my budget but its sick Alien face hologram inside out glass pipe spoon door DirtyBGlass
  2. I would choose the first one simply based on looks. I bought my piece named King Boo from PrimoGlass and it's a wonderful piece, thick and hits well but the bud often gets stuck inside of it.
  3. 1 or 3 for sure. The fourth looks rediculously plain compared to the others.
  4. the fourth is plain but thick, i think im going with #1
  5. theyre ok but i could find something a lot better(in my opinion anyway) for around 40 bucks
  6. number 1 man, that shit looks amazing. i've seen that blower on etsy before, i hear when he says durable glass, he means it
  7. 1 or 3, 3 is better i think though
  8. I like 2, but it's really up to you!
  9. numero uno if anything, checkout quality shit for good prices
  10. How bout a pack of swisher sweets? Quit bein a non-Rollin smoker
  11. Too bad, just bought number 1 suckah!!!! Nah, just kidding. But number one is so sick!
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    3 for sure.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. 1 for sure
  14. Which one did you end up getting?
  15. Wow, a month has gone by and #1 was still available. I guess I got me a new pipe.

    largenencharge, thanks for the link.
  16. 4th one looks like it would have a great life, you know what i mean? it looks like memories hahaha. im so high
  17. 1st and 3rd man!

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