Help me choose a new piece plz

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  1. So there has been a lot of hype about crystal/gemstone hand pipes lately, and I can see where all the hype is coming from now. These pipes are f**king gorgeous- perfect for the stoner hippy that I aspire to be. So I found some pipes from the company that I usually purchase from and they look lit. I need help deciding on the Howlite or the Amethyst one. Help me decide plz. xD

    Purple Dream Amethyst Crystal Hand Pipe
    Howlite Gemstone Crystal Pipe
  2. I vote for the Purp
  3. Both are crazy cool! But that Howlite is sexy af!
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  4. The second one looks better imo but 30 for a pipe seems like a steep price
  5. They look pretty heavy. Ive never owned one so i cant speak of durability. Anyone dropped one?
  6. I mean it is handcrafted crystal so I don't mind.
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  7. The Howlite one is dope
  8. With my line of work I'm somewhat familiar with different rocks, gemstones, etc. In my opinion the Amethyst one is the winner. Howlite isn't really a gemstone, it is also only has about half the strength of Amethyst and does not cope well with heat and cooling cycles so if you plan on doing multiple sessions and getting it real hot it'll likely weaken and become more brittle.
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    Wouldnt it take a lot of sessions tho? I mean like a lot. Unless youre lighting with a blow torch.

  10. It depends what the actual pipe is made off dude if its metal then it'll heat up pretty quickly with just a regular lighter
  11. Def if its metal. I would 100% agree with that. But with howlite? Ive never owned one, thats why i asked honestly.
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  12. Everyone's usage is different. But from a wear and tear standpoint the amethyst is a much more durable stone.
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  13. I guess that's why it's more expensive xD. You get what you pay for lol.

  14. Yeah it will dude i had a 4 inch metal pipe 5-6 years ago that a friend got me as a gift,it used to heat up with a fully packed bowl & burn your hand lol
  15. Ive never seen a metal pipe. Hopefully you werent to baked to feel it :love-m3j:
  16. love the second one- the Howlite

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