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  1. Ok, so for the past few months I have made a few threads saying that I wanted a bong, however I just cashed my check, and now its time to place an order.

    I change my mind at least 3 times a day it seems as to what I actually want.

    My budget is under $200, the cheaper the better, however I still want a good tube.

    Now personally I hate browsing on ALT, idk but their sort function doesnt work for me and it is very hard to search by price or see all of their stuff. But I am gonna go through all the brands and link the bongs I like with pics and $.

    First off, are Zobs, I am very interested in some of their tubes


    -Now there are a few different labels they have, I like this one best of the 14" straight tubes. its $115, which is an awesome price compared to any head shop or other high end tubes.

    There is also the 18" version for $130

    The only thing about this tube is that I worry it might be too big for now. You have to understand this is my first bong, and it will be used daily, I think that an extra few inches will only make it that much more of a hassle to smoke, and I want it to clear nice and quick. Plus, that label is kinda boring.
    But if you can convince me that the 18" is that much better than the 14" then I am interested, because I want this to be as functionable as I can make it.

    Now, zob does have the stemless bong, and the micro flat disc tubes, which are both sexy, but they are $200, and if I were to go with a stemless, I would get something that was nicer and more reinforced, or a $100 weedstar. And I have no idea how those smoke.

    One last zob bong


    The 14" OG Beaker which is also $115

    Now this bong is pretty sweet. I love the look of beaker bottoms, the only thing is that I hear the glass is stretched and can be thinner in beakers bottoms. I have first hand seen a zong beaker break a hole in the bottom because it accidentally tapped a table leg, still functional with duct tape, but I want to avoid something like that happening.

    However, if the glass is pretty solid then I really would love to have a beaker bottom. How do they hit compared to straight tubes? pros? cons?

    Right now ALT isnt loading for me.... so I am gonna post some from GC that I am considering.

    First off

    The WS double bubbler with showerhead downstem. for $72!

    Double Bubbler Bong 2.0 with Shower-Head Diffuser - English -

    From what I have heard, this thing is nice, 5mm glass, great hits, cheap price. Plus I would remove the logo on it for sure. This could very well be what I buy because when I look at that price its hard to deny that its not a good deal for what you get. If I saw that in a headshop for that price I would have to get it, most places would list that as a $200+ pipe. And I really want to get something with a showerhead diffuser on it.


    Then theres HVY

    13" beaker for $100, not sure how they compare to zob bongs though. That would give me room for goodies too, I would like a new slide, and a carbon adapter.
    HVY Glass - 50 x 5 mm - Clear Beaker - 13.0" inch
    pic isnt working

    then a 16" for 110$
    straight or beaker

    and a 9mm straight or beaker for $160, which has good reviews.

    I also have no idea how these compare to zob.

    Headford also has a nice bubbler which I wouldnt mind considering for $140
    Headford Glass - Sand Blasted Inline Bubbler

    I am also to any other suggestions of nice bubblers, Its just hard to find cheaper functional ones that arnt worked glass and cost $300.

    Just need a little help deciding.
  2. I would look into some weedstar pieces as well they are definitely in your price range and they have some pretty nice stuff.
  3. I think my next purchase is going to be the zob 14" straight tube rasta label.
  4. which label? Just wondering what everyone else thinks cause theres like 4 different kinds.

    And, do I need a keck clip to hold the downstem on? I might get one just for the hell of it.

    And I am getting this B. Wilson Clear Disc Screen Slide too, B. Wilson - Clear Disc Screen Slide - 18 mm
  5. I would definitely get that slide with the 14inch straight tube... I wouldn't get a beaker... I'd look into a showerhead or multi-arm downstem also if i was you.. It'd be worth the extra dough..

  6. yea, im still planning on a straight tube right now.

    I do plan on upgrading the downstem, but not right now. I want to get a nice showerhead or multiple arm downstem but a lot of the 18/18, 4.5" are sold out unless I want to spend over $60, which I dont. Prolly gonna get a sweet alex k or leisure.

    I was planning on getting a carbon adapter too, but its sold out aswell, at least the 35$ one.

    and, do i need a keck clip?
  7. also, I am open to any other water filtered pipes that anyone can recommended for under $200. I think im going with the 14" zob OG rasta label with that diffused slide, but im not set on it, I am gonna piece together a few more bongs and compare all the prices.
  8. right :D
  9. Have you considered stemless?

  10. Yea, I mean really I want to get a tube that I can upgrade with different downstems, I really like those nicer worked alex k ones, and some of the multi-arm leisures.

    The only thing about stemless is that all of the cheaper ones dont look like they are reinforced well. Plus, since this is my first bong, I want it to be a straight tube. Just to kinda set a base for all other pipes I try in the future. I really love stemless design though, but at this time I can only spend ~200, and if I were going for a stemless, I would want a $400 one with waffle diffusion or something really sweet.

    This is pretty much just my daily driver for now. I do plan on building myself a little glass collection though, and a nice stemless or inline is gonna be next for sure.
  11. ZOB - 14" INCH OG STRAIGHT - RASTA LABEL $115.00 1 $115.00
    B. Wilson - Clear Disc Screen Slide - 18 mm $30.00 1 $30.00
    Bee Line - Thick Wick - 200 ft Spool $20.00 1 $20.00

    Grand Total $180.09

    just waiting for my check to clear in the bank...

    lets hope it does at midnight, otherwise i will have to wait another day.
  12. Enjoy it man, have fun

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