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  1. So I don't know a ton about bongs, never owned one. I have just a bubbler right now, but I'm looking to invest in a nicer and smoother hitting bong. It's mainly going to stay at my house, as it's going to be something I want to have friends and people use when they come over
    My criteria are:
    - probably under $200 is my current price range
    - can be pretty moderately sized as it will mainly stay at my house. might just want to bring it to a friend's occasionally
    - Needs to hit smoothly. What I'm really concerned about is having people who don't smoke often or ever be able to take a hit without any real discomfort.
    - looks somewhat dope
    I don't really know too much too much about what I should be looking for. Percs seem like something it should have but I don't know for sure. 
    This one seems really appealing besides that blue skull which I'm not sure is working for me. I've also read some people say that Black Leaf makes shit glass, but I don't know if this is true of if I'd be able to do better for the same price.
    I live in Canada so it would have to ship there.
    Thanks for any product suggestions or general things to look for you can give me. 

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  3. Fist off I would like to say I have made 3 purchases on the GCstore, each one went very smooth with amazing packaging to keep it all safe. I am also in Canada just so you know.

    This was the bong I purchased over a year ago, although I bought the taller option for 10 bucks more and it was worth it! It'd s stunning bong, heavy, clears like nothing, amazing smooth hits. Plus the label has real gold on it too which is just kind of a cool option
    The 15.7 inch is 168
    The 19 inch is 179

    I also bought the Phoenix ash-catcher from GravLabs for it and man does it make it even better, but to start I would recommend this bong in the 19 inch option, just to have a little more room in the camber, well, the tube.

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