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  1. Alright, so I've been trying to find a nice percolated bong in the 100-150 dollar price range. I love inline percs but I live in Canada so I have a shitty selection at my LHS, so my only real option for inlines are overpriced Hoss bongs. :/

    These two look amazing and come very highly recommended:

    Weed Star Inline Bong 18.8 -

    Black Leaf - Inline Perc Glass Bong - "The Nautilus" -

    Which of these two would be better? And although I'm partial to inlines, if you guys can think of a better bong in this price range I'd love to hear about it. Help me out GC!
  2. apix stemline imn about to order one
  3. Definitely go with Apix man...
  4. Looks promising, although Apix apparently don't ship anywhere outside of the states, plus including shipping it would be quite a lot more expensive than the other two I posted.
  5. im from canada where are you in canada?
  6. The interior of B.C.
  7. i thought you guys all bought cheech glass
  8. I used to own the weed star it's a good piece for the price though the bowl that came with it pulled a lot of ash through. It's pretty sturdy mine broke but only the base and that was because someone dropped my backpack which it was in, and it was not wrapped up in anyway I might add. Not a bad buy IMO

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