Help Me By Giving Me Your Opinion(First Purchase)

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by jmm288, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I was originally looking for a bigger, heftier piece but I saw this and how cheap it was and I'm re-thinking it. However, two things concern me...
    1) the Ice pin is pretty tight, would that make a harder drag?
    2) the inline seems to only have 6 holes, would that increase the drag as well? 
    I'm worried this piece might suck, but the deal seems too good to pass up.


  2. its gonna suck haha but its also only 70 bucks....
  3. No worries on the ice pinch, looks tight but shouldn't be a problem.
    As far as six slits on the inline... a little more worrying.
    Plus, china glass, man. Can't trust it with bongs unless you're paying like $30 for a mini
  4. Definitely thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it. I'm going to look elsewhere see if I can find a solid piece on the cheap, GC does have some sick stuff but I'm not looking to spend 200 on a pipe just yet..
  5. yeah the inline having 6 slits is gonna add some drag but what's gonna kill you is how the inline is a lot skinner than the downstem  so it's gonna fuck with drag and pressure in all sorts of ways. If you could find one without the stemline at all for like 40-50 bucks it might be worth it. Otherwise maybe get a solid American made beaker bottom with a good downstem until you could save up for a more scientific piece? But even for 70 bucks you could definitely find something that hits a lot better. Remember more holes/percs =/= better hits 

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