Help me build this speaker grow box please.

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  1. Hello all.

    When it comes to tools and handy work I ain't your man. I was hoping you guys could help me with suggestions on what to do with this speaker box I gutted and want to turn into a grow box. Dimensions are 18hx11wx10d. Made out of 3/4" plywood.

    My main questions are will just a regular hole saw using a cordless 19v drill be enough to make the vents for the fans?

    I can't get a power strip to fit horizontally, how do you install light fixtures all wired together on a single plug ?

    I was going to use the front speaker hole as the access cause I wouldn't know what to do to make a door.

    I want to use 4 lights. Three 26w 6500k cfl's and one 65w 6500k cfl.

    Smell I will tackle later as I mainly am using this set up for the experience and I will only be using bagseed.

    Thanks for lookin!


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    I'm sure I posted in this thread yesterday but it was written slightly different ?

    You asked about the clips holding the cab together.
    Either you deleted that thread or I need to stop smoking cheese for a while :(
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    Yeah you did. I wrote up the post so sloppy. Working on a phone as your only source of internet ain't easy. I deleted the old one till I was ready to take this on seriously.
    Sorry about that. I just wanted a cleaner start.

    My jigsaw shit the bed. So I scraped the idea of cutting an access and am just going to use the speaker hole as one.

    Hopefully all the vents can just be made with a drill?
  4. Good means Im not losing it lol.
    Hope my response helped anyway mate,
    I'm subbed !!!
  5. Good deal... I will see to it this thread does not go to the waist side as a ton of newb threads do and it will be followed through with till the end unless stated otherwise.

    Got to finish this box. My hope is to have it fully functional Saturday.
  6. to make a door is pretty easy, buy some simple hinges from homedepot, lowes, etc. 2 will work, measure the size of the box height and width, cut a piece of wood to those dimensions then all you have to do is line it up with the box and secure the hinges. im working on a stealth box grow myself but a smaller box, about the size of a large computer tower.
  7. Hi :) I have a few speaker grows in my micro thread in my sig if you wanna check em out...

    I'd recommend finding a shorter powerstrip that will fit. I know I've seen smaller ones that are like 6" long. In alot of places I glue an extra piece of wood to the inside so that it's a bit thicker and screws don't poke out through the sides of the box. I've actually used alot of the free paint stirrer sticks you can get at homedepot to build my boxes ;)
  8. the best thing i did to mine was flip it over lol.. i swear then your reaching down into the biggest hole to get the plants, instead of reaching up into the top of the box to fuck with yourylights there right infront of you. then you just keep the screen regular if its got a logo like mine. then they look the regular way up ;)
  9. Upside down, then i just made a false top and put a vent with a fan and im gonna use velcro to seal it lol

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  10. Yeah Im actually thinking of doing mine upside down and reversed. If i were to do that it already has 2 holes for intake and exhaust so no reversed need to drill them out. Painted the inside white last night.

    This pic is the actual front but i would make it the back. The top hole for exhaust, the bottom for intake. The middle large hole for access.

    The powerstrip im gonna use to plug the lights in, if the cord can't reach the outlet is it safe to plug a power strip into a power strip?

    Im getting fans tonight. what should i plug my fans and timer into.. How do i get them all hooked up together?
  11. you'll need a slightly bigger intake probably.

    pc fans can be hooked up the cell phone chargers or 12v dc supplies...I htin there's a few tutorials around on how to wire me up. The timer might need to be on the outside but it's much better to try to fit it on the inside for stealth and so that you can keep the fans running while the lights are out.

    It's fine to plug a powerstrip into another powerstrip.
  12. Well it ain't pretty. But its functional.

    I clearly have some light trapping to do.

    Temps are a concern.

    Need one more light.

    This is bagseed about a week old grown outside thus far.





  13. Only three 26w bulbs and temps are in the 90s... Any suggestions how to lower it? The top hole is the intake w a 80mm PC fan. Maybe a bigger fan?
  14. I would swap the intake and exhaust...make the exhaust up top, with the fan...and the intake at bottom with out a fan...if temps are still too high, open up the intake a little more.
  15. Oops. I stated things wrong in my last post.

    Currently that is how its set up except the intake has a 90mm fan. Exhaust does have a fan. Its a 80mm fan. Intake bottom left. Exhaust top center.

    When I covered the access over night temps went to about 95f!

    In the back there is a hole where my plugs and such are but i closed it off. Would opening it up help as a passive intake and temps? Im having tons of light escape from the intake/exhaust holes but I am afraid to make a trap as to hinder air flow.
  16. oh ok sorry I was confused... Yeh I would try it and see if it works...otherwise make your intake hole larger or maybe find a stronger fan, or double up on exhaust etc..(in that order ;) )
  17. I should also mention ambient room temp is often 78-82. but usually consistent. I think i will remove the back. Also of need be I will drill some passive intake holes around the box.
  18. ah ambient temps will hold yer temps up..just shoot for 5-8 degrees over ambient and you're doing really good.
  19. The intake and exhaust completely let light through as shown in the last series of pics. Are these light leaks going to pose an issue?
  20. yeh yer gonna have to figure out something eventually. If you put a carbon filter after the exhaust, that will block the exhaust light...then you just need to work out the intake.

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