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  1. Ok so I have to do a massive research report on a banned/controversial book. This is for a Honors english class so it must be more complex than a middle school level book. However, for the research report, I need to have 10 sources of mainly literature (only 1 internet source allowed) on the book, such as criticism's of it, etc; so it needs to be a book that is somewhat well known. I dont want to do it on a boring book though; does anyone know of some good banned controversial books that their is criticisms/literature on the book? It can't have TOO much drugs in it either. Thank you so much for any help !:wave:
  2. I think Lolita was banned for a while, it's fucked up. This dude writes in prose about this 13 year old girl and eventually gains custody of her. Vladimir Nabokov
  3. catcher in the rye is always a win
  4. Apparently both Animal Farm and 1984 have been banned and there will be unfathomable ammounts of lit crit on both.
  5. J.D. Salinger died today:(
  6. RIP J.D. Salinger ... a great loss :(
  7. Catch 22 if you don't care and want to turn an essay in that most f your class will probably write. If you want to be a bit more unique than you could try "To Kill a Mockingbird" Which is actually a really interesting read, and there's a whole bunch of commentary on it since it has to do with race relations and crime in the 50s.

    Slaughter House Five is pretty mind blowing and has quite a bit written on it. Vonnegut is a genius thats is generally universally recognized.

    Heart of Darkness, but its kind of sketchy and strange. Shit ton written on it.

    Great Gatsby, prolly another that alot of people might do but its not too thick and there's alot of commentary on it. so if all else fails you could always jack ur opinion from the internet and re-write it. Which im not necessarily condoning, but if you run out of time this is always an option.

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