Help me and my PC stealth grow

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  1. Hey guys today im going out and purchasing a Full ATX PC case, some fans, and id also like to buy a few CFL lights but honestly i dont know where to find the lights at all. Can anyone point me in the right direction for lights like clamp lights or any basic CFL fixture. Also if you have any type of guide to making a good compact carbon filter.
  2. growing in a pc is hard. i had two plants in there.

    how to make a small(but effective) carbon filter.
    1. get a gatorade bottle.
    2. cut both ends off so u have a hollow tube
    3. get two socks and some duct tape.
    4. cut the ends off of the socks so u can spread them over the ends of it(tightly), enough so that both ends will touch each other.
    5. get some activated carbon and fill the gatorade bottle then tape on the other half of the sock.
    6. put some fans on each side(in and out). there u go u just made a good carbon filter :D

    hope this goes well for u :D
  3. oki now how do i get the mount out of the pc
  4. I have also been thinking about doing a PC grow. I move around about every 4-5 mos. This would be perfect to throw in the trunk and take to the next place.

    Would it actually be a phoesable grow, or would it be better to grow in a big tupperware tub (Which I read a grow journal on and had decent results with lst)

    Is it possible to yield an oz or 2 if you lst and scrog in a pc with one plant?

    How about 2?

    Also, strain I am most interested in trying to grow is C99

    Thank you in advance for any answers
  5. ya bud you could yield about an oz from a plant that you train it with LST or SCROG, depending on your lights and how you move air in and out is the deciding factor on your yield.
  6. As for the CFL this is a good link, I'm sure you have come across-> Kamels CFL Guide

    Also a good spot to look would be Home Depot, Menards, Lowes or even Wal Mart
  7. I have heard it is easiest to pop the rivets with a drill bit. I am not sure how it works because I have not yet tried it.
  8. ya i managed to use a screw and a hammer and chizzle it out,

    Also i plugged in 2 15w cfl's ~ 60w fluro i believe it converts to. Im buying two more tommorow and then i just need to wire up my fans and buy some mylar
  9. W00t!

    I hope you keep us posted on your grow with pics. I would love to see a grow log from a pc grow.

    Best of Luck....and Smoke

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